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Schlage Key Systems

Schlage key systems deliver the right level of security everywhere you need it. Schlage offers innovative and high quality key system solutions for new systems or upgrades to existing systems that will match your desired level of security and convenience. Schlage offers a variety of cylinders, keys and key control to fit, form, and function within your facility as well as patented or traditional keyways to meet your security needs. Allowing you the opportunity to decide what exclusivity and restrictions your key system has so you always remain in control.
Schlage has the right cylinder to fit each application
Choose Schlage cylinder mechanisms for greater security
Schlage has multiple keyways to fit your needs
Choose from Restricted Keyways or Open Keyways
SiteMaster 200 Version 3.0
Falcon Key Systems

Falcon key systems fit. Falcon keys and key control are integral parts of maintaining building security, whether it’s during construction, changes in occupancy or daily use. Falcon offers some of the most versatile and easy to use cylinders and keying systems in the industry. Our full line of key and cylinders ensures maximum durability, performance and security no matter what the application or budget.
“G” keyway standard for Falcon conventional cylinders
Choose Falcon Visual Key or Concealed Key Control
Conventional or Interchangeable Cores to Fit Your Needs