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“G” keyway is standard for all Falcon conventional (non-I/C)
cylinders and will be supplied unless otherwise specified. The multiple keyway structure is used to expand keying systems which require more than one keyway.

Falcon bored locksets are also available with the most common competitors’ keyways. Falcon does not offer master keying of their keyways. D Series deadlocks are limited to “D1”, “L4”, “C”, “E” and “GA” keyways.

Construction Master Keying
Construction master keying is an option for conventional (non- I/C) cylinders and locksets. Cylinders are prepared with a special construction pin at the factory so that the construction master key (CMK) operates all cylinders while the building is under construction.

When construction is complete, turn the top master key in each cylinder. This process moves the special construction pin into a pocket of the cylinder plug, thereby eliminating subsequent operation of the CMK.
Blockokey® System
Falcon’s Blockokey® System is used for extensive master key systems using conventional (non-I/C) cylinders and locksets. Locks are shipped from the factory with a plastic “key block” in the back of every cylinder’s keyway. A shorter 4-pin “Project Key” operates all cylinders while the building is under construction.

When construction is complete, use the special KB536 extractor key (removal tool) to remove the key block from each cylinder, thereby voiding operation of the Project Key.
Key and Cylinder Marking
With these options, keys and/or cylinders are stamped with the key symbol (code). This tells how the cylinder is keyed, eliminating trial and error. Lock mix-ups during installation or key mix-ups afterward are less likely to happen - and easier to straighten out if they do.

For example, the symbol AA1 shown in the illustration identifies the lock to be operated by grand master key A, master key AA and change key AA1. Upon written authorization from the building owner to an authorized Falcon distributor, a bitting list can be furnished for each job to translate the symbols into key bittings. If a key is lost, a replacement key can be ordered by number from the Falcon distributor.