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Key Systems
Schlage key systems deliver the right level of security everywhere you need it.
Whether you’re retrofitting a hospital with an updated key system or implementing a key system for a newly constructed office complex, Schlage key systems deliver the flexibility and security you need at every level and throughout your building or campus.
Choose the Everest keyway for maximum protection against unauthorized duplication and a key system that may be configured specifically for your campus or facility. Choose the Classic keyway where less restriction is required as well as key system management versatility.
Safety, Security, and Uncompromising Value
We know that every product you sell not only has to meet local building codes, but also your expectations for performance and quality. We take your expectations seriously, and that’s why we build our locks to deliver durability, convenience and unmatched value. After all, we’ve built our reputation on the same standards that you have – providing quality products at a reasonable price delivered on time. It’s the way we do business and it’s what makes Falcon locks a powerful choice no matter what your project.