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Everest Keyways

Introducing Everest 29
The Everest 29 keyway is new, patent-protected undercut design with protection through 2029. It delivers a higher level of security because it cannot be duplicated without authorization. The Everest 29TM through-cut technology utilizes a unique process to create the patented Everest 29 undercut design. It is shear-strength tested to perform with the same toughness and reliability the Everest family is known for. Multiple levels of security ensure that you get the right solution throughout your facility or campus.
Watch a video, and learn more about Everest 29 and patented key systems.


Everest 29 keys work by lifting the check pin when the key is inserted into the cylinder, allowing the key to turn and the lock to open. This patented interaction between the key and the cylinder ensures the integrity of the system at every opening.


New and existing systems.
The new Everest 29 patent enables a key blank that is backwards compatible to legacy Everest keyways allowing Everest 29 keys to work with existing Everest systems aiding the key system migration process.  Schlage will help you design a system that can grow and change along with your needs, allowing you the flexibility to upgrade your security without the need to replace all your cylinders.