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4630 Series

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The 4630 Auto Equalizer™ is LCN’s smart & reliable electrically powered low-energy power operator. It provides easy access for people with disabilities, the elderly, or the frail. Designed primarily for manual opening applications that occasionally required automatic opening.
Features and Benefits
  • Digital Control Box
  • Utilizes a 10,000,000 Cycle Heavy Duty Door Closer
  • On-Board Diagnostics
  • On-Board Power Supply
  • Factory-Default Memory
  • Plug-and-Play Connections
  • No Destruct Feature
  • No Guard Rails or Safety Mats Required


  • Standard, top jamb (pull side) mounted 4630 series closer shipped with single lever (standard) arm, metal cover, standard track, and wood and machine screw pack. Actuators available separately, see pages 199-215 of the Catalog
  • Meets ADA requirements (power mode).
  • Non-sized cylinders for interior doors to 4’0” and exterior doors to 3’0”.
  • Non-handed for either right or left swinging door.
  • 4630 has easily accessible switches to provide on/off and continuous hold open functions. 4630CS provides concealed on/off power switch. Control module provides all timing and sequential door functions, electric strike controls and adjustments for opening speed and force.
  • Standard or optional custom powder coated finish, end caps are black.
  • Optional plated finish on cover, arm, and fasteners.

4630 Series is UL and cUL listed withstandard arm for self-closing doors and meets the provisions of ANSI Standards A117.1, A156.19, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Mounting Available
Top Jamb (Pull Side) x
Arm Function* Available
Standard (Single) 90°
*See individual series for maximum manual opening.

Standard Arm, 4630-3077T
Non-handed arm. Track roller not included with arm.

Standard Track, 4630-3038
Standard non-handed track. Will not accept hold open clip or bumper assembly.
  • Powder Coat
  • Plated
  • Metal

Cover, 4630-72MC
Standard, non-handed metal cover

Cylinder Available
Non-Handed x
Non-Sized x
Accessibility* x
Power Operator x
Hold-Open x**
*Meets ADA requirments (power mode)
** Switch provided for continuous hold open (4630 only)
Cylinder Only, 4631-3971
Standard, non-handed, cast iron cylinder
Cylinder Assembly, 4631-3071
Standard, non-handed, cast iron cylinder and mounting plate. Includes; 4630-3454 Motor Clutch, 4630-3180 I/O Board Assembly and 4630-3462 Controller.
Cylinder Assembly, 4631-3071CS
Standard, non-handed, cast iron cylinder and mounting plate. Includes; 4630-3454 Motor Clutch, 4630-3180 I/O Board Assembly and 4630-3462 Controller. Same as a 4630-3071 assembly except on/off switch is concealed in endcap and no hold open switch is included. (separate key switched suggested)
Installation Accessories
Track Roller, 4630-3034
Quiet low friction roller assembly. Shoulder dimension "X" = 1/8" (3mm).
Switch End Cap, 4630-334
End cap (black powder coat only) with cut outs for installing on/off and hold open switches.
Blank End Cap, 4630-334-2
Black powder coat only.
Switch End Cap, 4630-334CS
End cap and switch (black powder coat only) for concealed switch option.
ON/OFF Switch Assembly, 4630-3179-1
Red rocker switch. Plugs into high voltage PC board.
Hold Open Switch Assembly, 4630-3179-2
Black rocker switch. Plug into low voltage PC board.
PC Board Assembly, 4630-3180
High and low voltage PC boards connected to mounting bracket.
Motor/Clutch Assembly, 4630-3454
A geared assembly in an LCN power operator that incorporates a “no destruct” feature.
Control Box Assembly, 4630-3462
Digital controller with built-in 12/24 VDC power supply. Programming and timing functions are adjusted on controller.
AC Power Cable, 4630-3498-2
2 wire cable to connect 120 VAC from PC board assembly to controller.
Ribbon Cable Connector, 4630-3498-1
16 wire ribbon cable connecting 1-24 pin terminal connectors to controller.