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LCN Benchmark Unique Features
Dual Independent Program Memories
Each unit is pre-programmed to factory default settings. The installer can adjust the unit to meet the job site requirements. These field settings are locked into the computer’s memory. Any subsequent field adjustments replace the original field adjustments. The factory settings are always retained in memory and can be recalled to replace the field settings in just seconds, restoring the unit to its original programming.
On-Board Power Supply
Provides 24V DC output to power card readers, manual actuators and other peripherals.
Electronic Circuit Protection
Fused input circuit protection and fused output protection for 24 VDC peripherals
Visual Function Indicators
There are 2 LED s for installation and trouble shooting feedback. The motor LED will illuminate when the motor drive circuit energizes this is when the operator is activated it will remain on only during the opening of the door and the power LED this will illuminate when power is applied to the board and remains illuminated as long as there is power applied to the board.
Programming Mode
Allows tailoring the following functions to meet specific site conditions:
  • Power Boost
  • Opening Speed
  • Backcheck Speed
  • Hold Open Time Delay
  • Backcheck Position
  • Closing Speed
  • Latch Position
  • Push ‘N Go
  • Delayed Activation