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HandKey II
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Our HandKey II product is ideal for applications where consistent and dependable security is of prime importance. The product is easy to maintain, and provides an ideal mix of convenience, security, and peace of mind.
The HandKey II utilizes hand geometry to verify the identity of the user and enhance security at any door.  The HandReader helps to ensure that only authorized users can gain access.  Users cannot swap badges or forget their credential.  Adding and deleting users is easy and the system can be expanded to support more users as your needs grow.
• Supports multiple credentials, including proximity, magnetic stripe, bar code, HID Legacy iClass® and MIFARE®
• Field-installable Ethernet module
• Outdoor enclosures available
• Field upgrade available up to 32,512 users or an additional memory module upgrade up to 259,072 users
• Three user-definable outputs to connect other devices like audible or silent alarms, door locks or lighting systems.
• Specially formulated antimicrobial coating on the platen inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, limiting the spread of germs. Coating lasts for the life of the product.
• Blue hand outline on the platen facilitates easy enrollment and reduces errors during verification.
Hand geometry measures the size and shape of a person’s hand, including length, width, thickness, and surface area to verify the person’s identity. In conjunction with a PIN number or swipe of a card, the enrolled individual can gain access to the facility. The HandKey does not read fingerprints or palm prints. 
• No fingerprint or palm print is stored in the device
• Data is not shared with any outside agencies or companies
• Verification takes place in about one second
• Unauthorized access is eliminated since credentials cannot be duplicated
• Since the “credential” cannot be lost or stolen there is no cost to replace lost, damaged or stolen cards or keys
• Hand geometry accurately identifies the user even if his or her hand is dirty, wet or injured, or if the device is damp, dusty or dirty
Biometric technology provides the highest level of security and access control in a wide range of applications all over the world. These devices are easy to install, easy to maintain, and increase productivity while reducing the risk associated with lost or stolen credentials. You can use biometric readers as stand-alone devices at a single door or connect them to your overall access control network for a comprehensive security solution. Biometrics is well suited to a host of applications. Here are a few examples of how Schlage biometric devices are being used.
• Critical Infrastructure
Data centers – grant access to a large number of users who can be enrolled remotely, eliminating the need for personnel to carry a card
Transportation hubs – grant access to authorized personnel at airports or shipping ports for baggage handling or other sensitive areas
Utility plants – installed on the front doors of major US nuclear power plants to ensure only authorized users can enter
• Healthcare Facilities – Provide secure, trackable access that protects staff, patients and visitors in:
o Pharmacy
o Surgery
o Long-term care
o Research
•  Financial Institutions – Access control for safe deposit vaults with no need for bank personnel to accompany the customer in and out of the vault

• Education
Residence halls – admits only authorized users and eliminates the risk associated with lost, stolen or borrowed credentials
Recreational facilities – minimize user’s ability to transfer ID cards and eliminate the need for keys or cards
Dining halls – limit access to students who have paid for the meal plan.
Computer labs – provide access only to authorized users so you can protect sensitive equipment and information
• Hospitality
Lodging – secure access to high-security, high-valued openings such as data records and hotel supply areas
Entertainment – control access to high-security, high-valued openings in casinos, stadiums and theme parks
• Commercial Buildings
Specialized high-asset areas – track and control access to secure areas like IT rooms, HVAC rooms, conference rooms and front entrances
Corporate campuses – provide high security to restricted areas like management offices and IT rooms.