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HandNet for Windows

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HandNet for Windows is a user-friendly interface that lets you control and monitor a network of HandKey readers simply and easily. With just one comprehensive program you can monitor activity and alarms on all readers, and control the access of each user.
Features and Benefits:
• Automatic hand template management allows template distribution from the HandKey used for enrollment to other HandKey devices, eliminating the need for a user to be enrolled at every device
• Independent door control capability with no need for access control panel
• Monitor multiple remote sites right from your PC
• Remote enrollment enables new users to be enrolled without physically going to the HandKey
• Assign temporary access to selected users by specifying a user’s start and stop days and times
• Manage archive activity to keep old information available for reports
• Manage alarms for additional security
HandNet for Windows is available in three different levels to meet the needs of your application.  You can manage up to 5, 25, or an unlimited number of HandKeys within the HandNet for Windows software.  With reporting, door control, alarm, and remote door opening capabilities, HandNet for Windows provides the ultimate flexibility for your HandKey application.
For installations that do not require the full capabilities of HandNet for Windows, or only require basic hand template management, monitoring, and time zone management; HandNet Lite will allow you to control and monitor up to 64 HandKey readers. HandNet Lite software can be downloaded from our Downloads tab.