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The CE20, CE18 and CE16 Series embossed panel doors are designed to meet the architectural requirements for embossed panel doors. The door construction combines the features and benefits of polystyrene core laminated construction.
This premium door construction combines the strength and dimensional stability of steel with the structural integrity of the laminate core. The continuous bonding of core to steel face sheets provides an attractive, flat door, free of face welding marks.
To meet application, specification and performance requirements, the CE Series embossed panel doors offers a wide range of specifiable options including sizes, glass light designs and hardware (mechanical, pneumatic, electrical) preparations.
CE-Series Doors are 1 3/4˝ (45mm) thick.
Features and Benefits
  • A-40 Galvannealled steel face sheets
  • Polystyrene Core provides enhanced thermal performance
  • Full Height, Epoxy Filled Mechanical Interlock Edges provide structural support and stability the full height of the door edges. Available edge options:
    • Visible Edge Seam (standard) – full height, epoxy filled mechanical Interlocked edges
    • Filled Seam –optional edge seam epoxy filled and finished smooth. Includes tack welds above and below edge cutouts for hinges, locks, etc
  • Universal Hinge Preparations (patented) allow for easy field conversion from standard weight .134” (3.3mm) hinges to heavy weight .180” (4.7mm) hinges
  • 14 Gage [0.067” (1.7mm)] Inverted Top and Bottom Channels provide stability and protection for the top and bottom edges from abuse
  • Beveled Hinge and Lock Edges allow for tighter installation tolerances, ensure easier operation and eliminate binding and sticking
  • Recessed Dezigner™ Glass Trim provides a clean, neat and flush finish with the door surface
  • Factory Applied Baked-On Rust Inhibiting Primer paint in accordance with ANSI A250.10-1998


  • Door construction for Steelcraft CE Series embossed panel doors meets the requirements of ANSI A250.8-2003 (SDI 100)
  • Hardware preparations and reinforcements are in accordance with ANSI A250.6-2003. Locations are in accordance with ANSI/DHI A115 unless otherwise stated.
  • Door construction for the CE Series embossed panel doors meets ANSI A117.1-1998 (ADA) requirements for minimum 10” (254mm) bottom rail height measured from the floor
  • CE Series embossed panel doors meet the broadest fire rating requirements. They are listed for installations requiring compliance to both neutral pressure testing (ASTM E152 and UL-10B) and positive pressure standards (UBC 7-2 and UL-10C).
  • Door thickness: 1 3/4" (45mm)
  • Standard heights: 6'8"-7'0" (2032mm-2134mm)
  • Standard widths: increments of 2"(50mm) from 2'8"(813mm) to 3'6"(1067mm)
Finish Paint
  • Rookwood Brown
  • Downing Earth
  • Downing Stone
  • Downing Sand
  • Aurora Brown
  • Weathered Shingle
  • Chelsea Gray
  • Black Bean
  • Spalding Gray
  • Blonde
  • Mannered Gold
  • Burgundy
  • Luxurious Red
  • Sierra Redwood
  • Homberg Gray
  • Cascades
  • Raisin
  • Pool House
Standard CE Series Core: Laminated Combination Core
  • 1 pound (453.6g) per cubic ft density polystyrene slab centered in the door
  • 1” (25mm) cell, 99 pound kraft honeycomb inserted in the void areas
    • honeycomb edges sanded for maximum adhesion
    • impregnated with phenolic resin (resists mildew and vermin)
  • Polystyrene slab and honeycomb laminated to both face sheets with contact adhesive
  • Assembled door is run through high pressure pinch rollers, achieving ultimate bond

Door Application and Usage

Series Steel Thickness Opening Usage Frequency
CE20 20 Ga (0.8mm) Interior or Exterior- Galvannealled Steel Standard Duty
CE18 18 Ga (1.0mm) Heavy Duty
CE16 16 Ga (1.3mm) Extra Heavy Duty

Standard Hardware Preparations

  • Universal Mortise Hinge
  • 61L Lock
  • 86 Lock
  • Inactive Leaf ASA Strike Prep with Astragal attached
  • Optional 14 Gage Closer Reinforcement

Standard: mortised and reinforced for

  • Patented Universal hinge preparations allow for easy field conversion from standard 4 1/2” x .134” standard weight hinges to 4 1/2” (114mm) x .180” heavy weight hinges. Optional hinge preparation for 5” x .146” standard weight hinges or for 5” (127mm) x .190” heavy weight hinges is also available.
  • The cylindrical 161, 61L and mortise 86 lock preps are the most commonly used active leaf preparations. The 4 7/8 (124mm) strike prep is the most commonly used inactive leaf preparation
  • Optional reinforcements for surface Closers are available
  • Special hardware applications are available

Door Sizes and ANSI A250.8 Conversions

Series ANSI A250.8 - SDI 100 Edge Construction Options Maximum Sizes
6 Panel Door Design 8 Panel Door Design
Level Model Description Single Pair Single Pair
Level 1 - Light Commercial
CE20 1 1 Full Flush Visible 3'0" x 8'0"
914mm x 2438mm
6'0" x 8'0"
1829mm x 2438mm
3'0" x 7'0"
914mm x 2134mm
6'0" x 7'0"
1829mm x 2134mm
CE20 1 2 Seamless Epoxy Filled
Level 2 - Heavy Duty Commercial & Institutional
CE18 2 1 Full Flush Visible 3'8" x 7'0"
1118mm x 2134mm
7'4" x 7'0"
2235mm x 2134mm
Not Available Not Available
CE18 2 2 Seamless Epoxy Filled
Level 3 - Extra Heavy Duty Commercial & Institutional 
CE16 3 1 Full Flush Visible 3'0" x 8'0"
914mm x 2438mm
6'0" x 8'0"
1829mm x 2438mm
Not Available Not Available
CE16 3 2 Seamless Epoxy Filled

Door Edge Construction
Optional Edge Seams available in the L Series doors:

  • CF – the mechanical edge seam is filled and finished prior to applying the factory primer

Full Flush
CE Series Visible Seam Features

  • Full height mechanical interlock
  • Interlock filled with epoxy adhesive
  • Visible edge seam

CE Series Seam Filled Features

  • Full height mechanical interlock
  • Interlock filled with epoxy adhesive
  • Seam epoxy filled and finished
  • No visible edge seam

Embossed Pattern Designs

  • 8 Panel
  • 6 Panel