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INPACT Door Systems

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INPACT’s recessed design with sloped end caps deflects objects away from the door. With its low profile that depresses nearly flush with the door, these devices are ideal for use in healthcare facilities, universities and other high-profile buildings. A wide pushpad makes operation easy, even for people with disabilities. And because INPACT’s design meets the strictest building codes, it withstands heavy use and abuse.
Standard System Features 
  • Pre-installed INPACT concealed vertical rod device and continuous hinge
    Benefit: Saves job site installation time and ensures that the system performs right the first time.
  • Factory prepped rolled edge cutout
    Benefit: Eliminates the possibility of sharp edge corners and ensures a minimum clearance around the device for a clean attractive appearance.
  • Less bottom rod on same swing and double egress systems
    Benefit: LBR (less bottom rod) latching eliminates the need for floor strikes to reduce maintenance needs, and reduces sanitation or tripping concerns. For maximum security, two-point latching is available as an option.
  • Meets clear width requirements
    Benefit: Due to the INPACT's recessed design, the device projects only 1 ¼" from the face of the door when the door is in the open position. Satisfying the clear width code requirements makes the INPACT system ideal for healthcare as well as hotels, theaters, offices and educational facilities. The low profile and sloped endcaps reduce snagging or catching as people or equipment pass through.
Optional System Features 
  • Electronic Latch Retraction (EL)
    Benefit: The EL feature allows for remote unlatching of the exit device. A control station operator can flip a switch to retract for immediate access.
  • Attractive GrainTech® doors
    Benefit: For those applications where the warmth and beauty of wood doors with the durability, strength and fire ratings of quality steel doors are desired.
  • Trim options
    Benefit: Multiple trim options allow for flexibility in functionality and aesthetics.
  • Von Duprin 4041 Closer
    Benefit: No-handed for versatility and built from heavy duty cast iron for exceptional service life. Patented non-stick no-measure templates and the Fast-Dial Adjust™ for error free installation.
  • Door and device finish options
    Benefit: Factory finished doors save job site preparation and provide a high quality finish. A variety of finish options are available for both Steelcraft doors and INPACT devices.

Finish Options
Device Finishes

  • Duranodic Dark Bronze 313AN (710)
  • Brass, Polished US3 (605)
  • Aluminum, Anodized AU28 (628)
  • Chrome, Satin US26D (626)
  • Chrome, Polished US26 (625)
  • Bronze, Satin US10 (612)
  • Brass, Satin US4 (606)

GrainTech® Door Finishes

  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Birch