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Steelcraft T-Series Flush Doors are designed to meet the architectural requirements for Temperature Rise rated full flush doors.

To meet application, specification and performance requirements, the T Series door offers a wide range of specifiable options including sizes, glass light designs, optional edge constructions and hardware (mechanical, pneumatic, electrical) preparations.
T-Series Doors are 1 3/4˝ (45mm) thick.
Features and Benefits
  • Mineral board core provides a 250°F (121°C) Temperature Rise rating or 450°C (232°C) at 30 minutes of test exposure, depending on hardware application
  • Full Height, Epoxy Filled Mechanical Interlock Edges provide structural support and stability the full height of the door edges. Available edge options:
    • Visible Edge Seam (standard) – full height, epoxy filled mechanical Interlocked edges
    • Filled Seam – optional edge seam epoxy filled and finished smooth. Includes tack welds above and below edge cutouts for hinges, locks, etc
    • Welded Edge Seam – optional edge seam welded with 1” (25mm) long weld, 6” (152mm) on center, epoxy filled between welds and finished smooth; available on T18, T16 and T14 doors
  • Universal Hinge Preparations (patented) allow for easy field conversion from standard weight .134” (3.3mm) hinges to heavy weight .180” (4.7mm) hinges
  • 14 Gage [0.067” (1.7mm)] Inverted Top and Bottom Channels provide stability and protection for the top and bottom edges from abuse
  • Beveled Hinge and Lock Edges allow for tighter installation tolerances, ensure easier operation and eliminate binding and sticking
  • Recessed Dezigner™ Glass Trim provides a clean, neat and flush finish with the door surface
  • Factory Applied Baked-On Rust Inhibiting Primer paint in accordance with ANSI A250.10-1998


  • Door construction meets the requirements of ANSI A250.8-2003 (SDI 100)
  • Hardware preparations and reinforcements are in accordance with ANSI A250.6-2003. Locations are in accordance with ANSI/DHI A115 unless otherwise stated.
  • Meet the broadest fire rating requirements
Finish Paint
  • Rookwood Brown
  • Downing Earth
  • Downing Stone
  • Downing Sand
  • Aurora Brown
  • Weathered Shingle
  • Chelsea Gray
  • Black Bean
  • Spalding Gray
  • Blonde
  • Mannered Gold
  • Burgundy
  • Luxurious Red
  • Sierra Redwood
  • Homberg Gray
  • Cascades
  • Raisin
  • Pool House

Core Construction
Standard T-Series Core

  • Mineral Fiber board core
    • 250°F (121°C) Temperature Rise rating
      • Single point locks
      • Exit hardware
    • 450°F (218°C) Temperature Rise rating
      • Single point locks
      • Exit hardware
      • Doors prepared for InPact exit devices
      • Pairs of doors with two (2) vertical rod exit devices (without astragal)
  • Fire label ratings up to 3 hours
  • Laminated to inside faces of both door panels with contact adhesive

Standard Premium Edge Construction

  • Beveled hinge & lock edges
  • Full height mechanical interlock with epoxy adhesive
  • Visible edge seam standard
  • Seamless edge optional

Door Application and Usage

Steel Thickness Opening Usage Frequency
T20 20 Ga (0.8mm) Interior-Cold Rolled Steel Standard Duty
T20 20 Ga (0.8mm) Exterior-Galvannealled Steel Standard Duty
T18 18 Ga (1.0mm) Interior-Cold Rolled Steel Heavy Duty
T18 18 Ga (1.0mm) Exterior-Galvannealled Steel Heavy Duty
T16 16 Ga (1.3mm) Interior-Cold Rolled Steel Extra Heavy Duty
T16 16 Ga (1.3mm) Exterior-Galvannealled Steel Extra Heavy Duty
T14 14 Ga (1.7mm) Interior-Cold Rolled Steel Maximum Duty
T14 14 Ga (1.7mm) Exterior-Galvannealled Steel Maximum Duty

Standard Hardware Preparations

  • Universal Mortise Hinge
  • 61L Lock
  • 86 Lock
  • Inactive Leaf: ASA Strike
  • Optional 14 Gage Closer Reinforcement

Standard: mortised and reinforced for

  • Patented Universal hinge preparations allow for easy field conversion from standard 4 1/2” x .134” standard weight hinges to 4 1/2” x .180” heavy weight hinges. Optional hinge preparation for 5” x .146” standard weight hinges or for 5” x .190” heavy weight hinge are also available.
  • The cylindrical 161, 61L and mortise 86 lock preps are the most commonly used active leaf preparations. The 4 7/8 (124mm) strike prep is the most commonly used inactive leaf preparation.
  • Optional reinforcements for surface and concealed closers are available
  • Special hardware applications are available

Door Sizes and ANSI A250.8 Conversions

Series ANSI A250.8 - SDI 100 Edge Construction Options Maximum Sizes Recommended Gage of Frame
Level Model Description Single Pair
Level 1 - Light Commercial
T20 1 1 Full Flush Visible 3'0" x 8'0"
914mm x 2438mm
6'0" x 8'0"
1829mm x 2438mm
16 Gage [0.053" (1.3mm)]
TF20 1 2 Seamless Epoxy Filled
Level 2 - Heavy Duty Commercial & Institutional
T18 2 1 Full Flush Visible 4'0" x 9'0"
1219mm x 2743mm
8'0" x 9'0"
2438mm x 2743mm
16 Gage [0.053" (1.3mm)]
TF18 2 2 Seamless Epoxy Filled
TW18 2 2 Seamless Welded
Level 3 - Extra Heavy Duty Commercial & Institutional
T16 3 1 Full Flush Visible 4'0" x 9'0"
1219mm x 2743mm
8'0" x 9'0"
2438mm x 2743mm
14 Gage [0.067" (1.7mm)]
16 Gage [0.053" (1.3mm)]
TF16 3 2 Seamless Epoxy Filled
TW16 3 2 Seamless Welded
Level 4 - Maximum Duty Commercial & Institutional
T14 4 1 Full Flush Visible 4'0" x 9'0"
1219mm x 2743mm
8'0" x 9'0"
2438mm x 2743mm
16 Gage [0.053" (1.3mm)]
TF14 4 2 Seamless Epoxy Filled
TW14 4 2 Seamless Welded

Door Edge Construction

Full Flush
T Series Visible Seam Features

  • Full height mechanical interlock
  • Interlock is tack welded and filled with epoxy adhesive
  • Visible edge seam with tack welds

TF Series Seam Filled Features

  • Full height mechanical interlock
  • Interlock is tack welded and filled with epoxy adhesive
  • Edge seam is epoxy filled and finished
  • No visible edge seam

TW Series Seam Welded Features

  • Full height mechanical interlock
  • Edge seam is welded 1” (25mm) long, 6” (152mm) O.C.
  • No visible edge seam