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FS-Series Stainless Steel Frames

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FS-Series Stainless Steel Frames
Performance, Durability & Design

FS-Series Stainless Steel Frames are fabricated from 100% stainless steel to offer excellent corrosion resistance. The FS-Series performance options range from light to heavy duty applications for commercial and institutional projects. It also has design offerings – delivering performance and good looks.


Features and Benefits
The Steelcraft FS-Series stainless steel frames offer unique features.



  • All stainless steel components, hardware reinforcements and anchors
  • Available in 12 – 16 gauge stainless steel thicknesses
  • Machine-mitered corners, face welded, refinished to match trim with no visible seam
  • Various anchor options available:
    • Masonry T
    • Wire anchors
    • Metal stud
    • Existing wall anchors
  • KD frame options available
  • Ratings
    • Fire-rated up to Class A (3 hours)
    • Sound-rated Door & Frame Assemblies up to STC 51
    • Hurricane approved


  • Exceptional corrosion resistance
    • Type 304 Alloy – standard corrosion resistance
    • Type 316 Alloy – heavy duty corrosion resistance

Steelcraft can provide custom stainless steel frames to satisfy both performance and design requirements and include features such as unusual or oversized profiles & elevations, alternative finishes, extensive lite configurations, oversize face trim, and more.

To explore your design options
1-877-671-7011 or

Standard Options
-Type 304
-Type 316
-#4 Brushed Stain Finish
-#2 Mill Finish
-Intertek/WH up to 3 hours
-18 Gauge
-16 Gauge
-Seamless & Interlocking Edge
-16 Gauge
-Up to 8’0 x 8’0
Custom Performance Options
- Up to 12GA
- Steel stiffened doors – epoxy glued in stiffeners
- NOA Dade County FL – hurricane approved
- Acoustic assemblies, up to STC 51
- Pharmaceutical construction
- Special door & frame elevations: oversize,
- hospital stops, lead lined doors & frames, and more ……
Custom Design Options
-Many special finishes, including multi-process etched and abraded custom designs
-Kerfed frames
-Rabetted door edges
-Stile and rail store fronts