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Storm Resistant

In response to demand for high-performance commercial steel doors, designed to withstand the most extreme environmental forces, Steelcraft has developed a family of Severe Weather products.
Tornado Resistant Applications:
Paladin™ PW-Series doors are designed, tested and certified per the tornado shelter construction guidelines developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. These guidelines include test requirements that simulate a 250 mile-per-hour ground speed tornado, including the impact force of building materials propelled at 100 miles-per hour.
Hurricane Resistant Applications:
H-Series doors are designed, tested and certified to provide the broadest industry offering for building structures subject to severe windstorm conditions. Applications for this rapidly growing product segment include openings required to comply with the Florida Building Code, as well as similar performance requirements mandated within other coastal jurisdictions.
HE-Series doors include all the features of the H-Series except the include the embossed panel door construction.
Both H and HE-series doors provide maximum design and aesthetic flexibility for architects and owners, and are available with extensive hardware, glass light and louver options.
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