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Fire & Life Safety Closers & Holders

Sentronic Closers/Holders
Automatic detection and containment of fire and smoke are the best ways to minimize danger to life and property.  Patented Sentronic door closer/holders are designed to hold swinging doors open in normal use and release and automatically close the doors under fire conditions.  Conforms to major building codes, life safety codes (eg. NFPA 101) and ANSI A156.15.
Single Point Hold-Open (SE)
SE Series offers adjustable single point hold-open function controlled by solenoid assembly located in the SE track.

Multi-Point Hold-Open (ME)
ME series offers infinitely adjustable, multi-point hold-open function controlled by solenoid on the cylinder assembly.

Magnets (SEM) - Electromagnetic Door Holders
SEM Series magnets work with manual door closers to provide single point hold-open. 

  • For fire and smoke barrier doors
  • Integrated into larger system
  • Surface and concealed mountings
  • Remote control hold-open function of executive and conference area doors
  • Adapter plates and other installation accessories available for unusual conditions
Features Common to Fire/Life Safety Closers
  • 24V AC/DC or 120V AC input
  • When current is interrupted, hold-open releases and door closes
  • Adjustable hydraulic backcheck cushions opening swing prior to 90 degrees
  • Separate regulation of general closing speed and latching speed
  • Available in wide range of powder coated finishes to blend with door and frame. SEM 190 available in aluminum and dark bronze only.
  • Circuit automatically handles AC or DC input
  • Can be pushed safely and easily out of hold-open
  • Functions as a full rack and pinion door closer when hold-open is not engaged or current is interrupted
  • Works with ionization, photoelectric and heat sensing detectors (by others)

2 year limited warranty


  • High strength cast iron cylinder
  • Forged steel main arm
  • One piece forged steel piston
  • All weather fluid eliminates seasonal adjustments
  • High efficiency, full complement, low friction bearings
  • Tamper resistant regularing screws
  • Quiet, low friction track and roller combination for all single lever arm closers