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HSA Sentronic Electrically Controlled Closer/Holder

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The HSA Sentronic is an electrically controlled closer/holder designed to provide easy passage for groups of pedestrians through high traffic doors. Pedestrians, moving through the doorway, trigger the built-in scanner. When the door is opened to 80° or more, the door is electrically held open to minimize wear and tear on applied door hardware. After the last pedestrian in a group passes through the doorway, the system timer releases the hold-open, closing the door under control of the heavy-duty closer. 
Mounting Options:
4310HSA: Hinge (Pull) Side
4410HSA: Top Jamb (Push)
Other Options:
Finish: Powder coat or plated
Cover: Metal
Cylinder: Handed, non-sized, multi-point hold-open
Arm Function:
4310HSA: Standard (Single) 160°, double degree 95°
4410HSA: Regular (Double) 150°