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SEH Series
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SEH Series
The SEH Sentronic® is a holder designed to provide single point hold-open for fire and smoke barrier doors that must be used with a opposite side mounted UL listed door closer. The door is held open until current interruption releases the holding mechanism and the door closes. Single lever (track) arm is specifically designed for interior doors. Choice of finishes, track functions, and installation accessories meet virtually all life safety requirements.

The SEH Series is UL listed for smoke barrier or labeled fire doors. cUL listed for self-closing doors without hold-open. Tested and certified under ANSI Standard A156.15. Conforms to life safety code, NFPA 101.

  • Standard SEH series is a door holder that must be installed in conjunction with a opposite side mounted, UL listed door closer.
  • Standard SEH series holder shipped with a standard arm, 24V or 120V (please specify) SEH track and wood and machine screw pack.
  • Hold-open force is adjustable.
  • Momentary on/off switch board assembly for testing door release also provides over-voltage protection. Field replaceable.
  • Non-handed for mounting on either right or left hand door.
  • Concealed or surface wiring.
  • Interfaces with alarm systems. Consult factory for full details.
  • Standard or optional custom powder coated finishes on track and arm.
  • A good application is a CUSH-N-STOP closer mounted on the push side and the SEH mounted on the pull side of the door.
Mounting Available
Hinge (Pull) Side x
Stop Face (Push) x

  • Standard (Single) 100°

Holder Arm, SEH-3077T
Non-handed arm can be combined with any 4040SE series track to provide an electrically controlled hold-open function on either side of the door. All SEH type holders require a separate closer for fire or smoke barrier door applications.

Standard Finishes:

  • Powder coat

Custom finishes available upon request

Installation Accessories
Conduit Quick-Connector, SEH-81
Two piece connector for use with 1/2" conduit.

Track roller, SEH-3034
Quiet, low friction roller assembly.  Shoulder dimension "X" = 1/4" (6mm).

Track Slider, SEH-168
Alloy metal slider for use in SE series tracks only.

Transformer, 4040SE-3210
Reduces line voltage from 120V to 24V AC.  Mounted on plate for 4" (102mm) x 4" x 2-1/8" (54mm) junction box (by others).