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LCN 4040XP
Stronger, smarter and built for the real world.
The LCN 4040XP sets a new standard for reliability, longevity and value with a beefier design and extraordinary performance testing that goes far beyond industry requirements. We built the 4040XP from the inside out, combining tougher, bolder construction with proven LCN technology. The result is a closer that’s stronger, smarter and delivers remarkable value in a variety of applications.

The 4040XP is LCN’s most durable heavy duty closer designed for the most demanding, high use and abuse applications.

Features and Benefits

  • 44% increased bearing load capacity
  • Strongest pinion ever- at 3/4” journal diameter
  • Widest bearing ever- at 5/8”
  • Stronger pinion teeth
  • New V-shield™ seal with 20% longer life
  • XP = eXtra Protection in real world applications
  • Cast Iron
  • Forged Steel Arm
  • Double Heat Treated Steel Pinion
  • All Weather Fluid
  • Non-Handed
  • LCN® Fast™ Power Adjust
  • Fast & Accurate Installation
  • UL & cUL Listed
  • Tested and certified under ANSI Standard A156.4, grade one


  • Non-sized cylinder is adjustable for interior doors to 5’0” and exterior doors to 4’0”
  • Closer can mount hinge side, top jamb, or parallel arm (with PA bracket) on either right or left swinging doors
  • Closers to meet ADA requirements
  • Standard or optional custom powder coat finish
  • Optional plated finish on metal cover, arm and fasteners
  • Optional SRI primer for installations in corrosive conditions is available with powder coat only
  • UL and cUL listed for self-closing doors without hold-open
  • 4040XP can be used with all 4040 accessories
Mounting Available
Hinge (pull) side*


Top jamb (push)*


Parallel arm


*Available with Regular or Standard Hold-Open Arm only
See catalog for additional details


Arm Function Available
Regular (double)










Regular Arm, 4040XP-3077
Non-handed arm mounts pull side or top jamb with shallow reveal. P4041 closer includes PA Shoe, 4040-62PA required for parallel arm mounting.

PA Shoe, 4040XP-62PA
Required for parallel arm mounting.

Long Arm, 4040XP-3077L
Optional non-handed arm includes long rod and shoe, 4040-79LR for top jamb mount.

Extra Long Arm, 4040XP-3077ELR
Optional non-handed arm includes extra long rod and shoe, 4040-79ELR for top jamb mount with deep reveal.

Hold-Open Arm, 4040XP-3049
Optional, non-handed arm mounts pull side or top jamb with shallow reveal, hold-open adjustable shoe.

Long Hold-Open Arm, 4040XP-3049L
Optional non-handed arm includes Long Head and Tube, 4040-3048L for top jamb mount.

Extra Duty Arm, 4040XP-3077EDA
Non-handed parallel arm features forged, solid steel main and forearm for potentially abusive installations.

Hold-Open Extra Duty Arm, 4040XP-3049EDA
Optional handed arm provides hold-open function, adjustable at the shoe.

Cush-N-Stop® Arm, 4040XP-3077CNS
Optional, non-handed parallel arm features solid forged steel main arm and forearm with stop in soffit shoe.

HCUSH Arm, 4040XP-3049CNS
Provides hold-open function with templated stop/hold-open points. Handle controls hold-open function.

Spring CUSH Arm, 4040XP-3077SCNS
Optional, non-handed parallel arm for abusive applications features solid forged steel main arm and forearm with spring loaded stop in the soffit shoe.

Spring HCUSH Arm, 4040XP-3049SCNS
Optional, non-handed parallel arm for abusive applications features solid forged steel main arm and forearm with spring loaded stop in the soffit shoe. Handle controls hold-open function.

Standard Finishes:

  • Powder coat
  • Plated

Custom finishes available upon request.


Cylinder Available






Delayed Action


Cylinder, 4040XP-3071
Heavy duty, non-handed cast iron cylinder assembly.


Cover Available




Cover, 4040XP-72
Standard, non-handed plastic cover.

Metal Cover, 4040XP-72MC
Optional, handed cover. Required for plated finishes and custom powder coat finishes.

Installation Accessories
Plate, 4040XP-18/4040XP-18DS1
Required for hinge side mount where top rail is less than 3 3/4” (95 mm). Plate requires minimum 2” (51 mm) minimum top rail.

Plate, 4040XP-18G
Locates top jamb mounted closer flush with top of head frame face in flush ceiling condition. Plate requires 1 3/4” (44 mm) minimum head frame.

Plate, 4040XP-18TJ
Centers top jamb mounted closer vertically on head frame where face is less than 3 1/2” (89 mm). Plate requires 1 3/4” (44 mm) minimum head frame.

Plate, 4040XP-18PA/4040XP-18PADS1
Required for parallel arm mounting where top rail is less than 5 1/2” (140 mm), measured from the stop. Plate requires 2” (51 mm) minimum top rail.

CUSH Shoe Support, 4040XP-30 provides anchorage for fifth screw used with CUSH arms, where reveal is less than 3 1/16” (78 mm).

Blade Stop Spacer, 4040XP-61
required to lower parallel arm shoe to clear 1/2” (13 mm) blade stop.

CUSH Flush Panel Adapter, 4040XP-419 provides horizontal mounting surface for CUSH shoe on single rabetted or flush frame.

Auxiliary Shoe, 4040XP-62A
requires a top rail of 7” (178 mm). Optional shoe replaces -62PA for parallel arm mounting of regular arm with overhead holder/stop.