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AD-Series Hardwired
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A hardwired networked solution gives you instant control of your system. Whether you’re trying to lock down or unlock one door or every door in your facility, add or remove a user, or simply see the status of the opening – you can be confident that you’re doing so in real-time, right from your computer.
Two configurations of AD-Series Hardwired Locks are available.  For standard applications the AD-300 can be customized with a variety of credential readers including keypad. magnetic stripe or multi-technology which can read both proximity and smart technology.  The AD-301 is an ideal solution for applications which require approval by the U.S. Federal Government under HSPD-12 for FIPS 201 Compliance. The AD-301 electronic integrated lock with FMK multi-technology reader + keypad is FIPS 201-1 compliant for use in U.S. Federal Agency Buildings using smart card technology.
The AD-Series combines all the hardware components required for a complete access control system into one integrated design that includes the electrified lock, credential reader, request-to-enter and -exit sensors, door position switch and more. This integrated design saves you both time and money when installing your system.
The AD-Series was designed on an Open Architecture platform so that it can easily be integrated into virtually any access control system via Wiegand, Clock & Data or RS-485.   It is important to note that a growing number of access control providers have enhanced their software platforms to include incremental support for the AD-Series via RS-485.  This results in a broader set of features & capabilities and a more cost effective system architecture as shown.
The AD-Series has been integrated into over 20 leading Access Control Software Systems via RS-485 architecture.  Please visit our AD-Series Access Control Software Integrations & Partners pages where you can easily find everything you need to build a system including Wiring Diagrams, CAD Files, A & E Specifications, Solution Sheets and more.
In addition to the AD-Series Locks, a number of wireless accessories are available which allow you to extend the reach of your access control system to gates, elevators and other remote applications. Additional details can be found on the AD-Series Devices page.
Schlage Handheld Programming Device (HHD-Kit): The HHD-Kit serves as the link between your access control management software and Schlage electronic locks. This solution consolidates and simplifies programming and managing your access control system. The HHD-Kit contains all components needed for use with AD-Series & CO-Series locks & accessories.
PIB300-2D (Panel Interface Board): If the system requires Wiegand or Clock & Data protocol (rather than a direct RS485 connection), the PIB300-2D is used to seamlessly connect up to two AD-Series locks to an access control panel or reader interface board.
Panel Interface Module (PIM400-TD2): If the system requires Wiegand or Clock & Data protocol (rather than a direct RS485 connection), the PIM400-TD2  is used to seamlessly connect up to two AD-Series locks to an access control panel or reader interface board.
Panel Interface Module (PIM400-485): Seamlessly integrates up to 16 wireless AD-Series devices to select OEM partners’ access control panels via RS485 protocols, which eliminate the need for additional reader interface modules.  Please consult your software provider for more information.
Wireless Test Kit (TK400): The TK400 wireless test kit can help evaluate the system design on new AD-400 wireless networked systems prior to installation. The TK400 can also be used to diagnose communication strength on existing AD-400 wireless applications.
Wireless Remote Antennas (ANT400-REM): The ANT400-REM optional remote antennas are designed for use with the AD-400 Series devices. They increase installation flexibility of wireless products, extend the range of wireless communication in certain directions and expand the range of applications of AD-Series solution.
Relay Board (RLBD): The AD-Series Relay Board (RLBD) supports the open architecture of AD-Series by building a bridge between Schlage technology and third party access control systems that use mechanical, relay-based communication.  The RLBD is used to extend the existing access point status signals on PIM400-TD2 (for AD-400 applications) or PIB300-2D (for AD-300 applications) devices for each access point controlled by the Interface Module.
Wireless Repeater (REPTR400): The AD-Series Repeater Kit is ideal for overcoming obstructions and extending wireless communication range between an AD-Series PIM400 device and a linked wireless device such as an AD-400 electronic lock or WRI400. The REPTR400 is comprised of an AD-Series Panel Interface Module (PIM400-TD2) and a Wireless Reader Interface (WRI400).
Decorative Plates: Schlage offers decorative plates for retrofit applications where the AD-Series or CO-Series does not completely cover the existing footprint. Decorative plates are available in three finishes to suite with your existing hardware: 626 Satin Chrome, 605 Bright Brass and 643 Aged Bronze. Retrofit overlay templates are available under the “Downloads” tab as a guide.