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A-Series Locks
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Medium traffic commercial and heavy duty residential locks.
From military barracks and offices, to fine residential homes, Schlage A-Series knobs easily stand up to constant use and abuse, while keeping people and property safe. Our A-Series locks have an ANSI Grade 2 rating and come in a choice of styles and finishes that fit your building’s design.

We don’t compromise on security.
The safety and security of your buildings is something we take very seriously. That’s why every Schlage lock and deadbolt undergoes intensive testing to determine its ANSI grade level:
• Cycle tests
• Resistance tests
• Door impact tests
• Warped door tests
• Bolt strength tests
Features and Benefits
• Cold rolled steel, and machined and threaded hubs prevent loosening of the lockset by bolting the chassis to the door.
• Heavy-duty cast mounting plate with specially tapped holes keeps lockset tight on the door.
• Patented door range adjuster allows quick and easy adjustment for doors ranging from 1 3/8” to 1 7/8” (35 mm to 48 mm) thick
Door Handing
Many Schlage locks are reversible. Hand information is necessary to ensure proper cylinder orientation in keyed functions, and finish of latchbolt and strike for locks that are to be installed on reverse bevel doors. Follow the diagram to correctly determine the hand of the door.
ADA-Compliant Products
In compliance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI A117.1) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Schlage Lock Company offers a wide selection of locks designed for the needs of the physically challenged. This act is designed to provide protection for people with disabilities.

The intent of ADA is that owners of certain types of buildings must remove barriers and provide people with disabilities with access equal to, or similar to, that available to the general public.
Handing: Keyed functions are reversible. Non-keyed functions are not handed.
Door Thickness:
1 3/8” to 1 7/8” (35 mm to 48 mm) standard.
2” (51 mm) to 2 1/2” (64 mm) optional extended inside.
2 3/8”(60 mm) standard. 2 3/4” (70 mm), 3 3/4”(95 mm) and
5” (127 mm) optional.
Front: Steel. 1 1/8” x 2 1/4” square corner, beveled, for 2 3/4” backset standard. Optional 1” square corner, 1” radius corner, and non-UL drive-in/round face. For availability with specific backsets, see page 16.
Lock Chassis: Steel, zinc dichromate plated for corrosion resistance.
Latch Bolt: Brass, chrome plated, 1/2” throw, deadlocking on keyed and exterior functions.
Exposed Trim: Wrought brass, bronze or stainless steel. Levers are pressure cast zinc, plated to match finish symbols.
Strike: T-strike 1 1/8” x 2 3/4” (29 mm x 70 mm) x 1 1/8” (29 mm) lip to center with box standard. Optional strikes, lip lengths and ANSI strike box available.
Cylinder & Keys:
Commercial: 6-pin patented Everest 29 S123 keyway standard with two nickel silver keys per lock.
Residential: 6-pin C keyway, keyed 5-pin.
Keying Options: Interchangeable core and Primus XP high security cylinders. Master keying, grand master keying, and construction keying.
Commercial: three-year limited.


ANSI: Meets or exceeds A156.2 Series 4000, Grade 2 strength and operational requirements.
Federal: Meets FF-H-106C.
California State Reference Code: (Formerly Title 19, California State Fire Marshal Standard) All levers with less than 1/2” (64mm) returns comply; Schlage levers return to within 1/2” of door face.
UL / cUL: All locks listed for A label single doors, 4’ x 8’. Letter F and UL symbol on latch front indicate listing.
UL437 Listed locking cylinder optional: specify Primus 20-500 Series cylinder.
ADA Compliant: Schlage Lock Company offers a wide selection of locks designed to meet the Americans With Disabilities Act.
Knob and Lever Designs
Lock Functions
Non-Keyed Functions
Passage Latch
Exit Lock
Patio Lock
Bath/Bedroom/Privacy Lock
Communicating Lock
Single Dummy Trim
Keyed Functions
Entrance Lock
Classroom Lock
Communicating Lock with blank plate
Storeroom Lock
Hotel/Motel Lock

The latest in modern techniques and equipment are used to apply the highest quality finish. Extra steps assure durable, consistent finishes and long useful life.

Although we apply the finest available protective plating and/or enamel coating to the surface of our products, these finishes have limitations and in time may deteriorate either from exposure to weather, pollution, perspiration, extremes of climate, frequency of use or other factors. Deterioration of these finishes is, therefore, not a defect, but a normal process which is unavoidable. Our company cannot accept responsibility for finish deterioration in these circumstances; therefore, the finishes cannot be guaranteed. These products will not be refinished or replaced under our warranty should deterioration of finishes occur.
A-Series  Door  Template Number  
Function  Faceplate Edge  Door Wood or Composite  
Flat Bev Thickness Metal
A10S through A85PD 1" (25mm)
Square Corner, standard X X 1⅜"-1⅞"
A400 A863
Square Corner, lock extended inside only X X Over 1⅞"-2½"
Square Corner, ½" (13mm) rabbeted* X   1⅜"-1⅞"
Round Corner, ¼" (6mm) radius X X 1⅜"-1⅞"
Circular Drive-In X   1⅜"-1⅞"
1⅛" (29mm)
Square Corner, standard with 2¾" (70mm) backset X X 1⅜"-1⅞"
A406 A864
Square Corner, ½" (13mm) rabbeted* X   1⅜"-1⅞"
A170 No Faceplate
Dummy trim, surface mounted X   Various A754 A755

*Strike also shown on template


A-Series Strikes    Door Jamb   
Number  Description      Template Number  
Wood  Metal 
10-001  T-Strike, Square Corner, box, standard  J928 J929
10-004  T-Strike, Round Corner, ¼" ” (6mm) radius, box  J456   
10-025  ANSI, Square Corner, no box  J918  J919 
10-026  Full Lip, Square Corner, no box  J458  J459 
10-027  Full Lip, Round Corner, ¼" (6mm) radius, no box  J460  J461 
10-058  Circular Drive-In, adjustable  J478   


Key Systems Downloads

Choose the right key system for your application.
Schlage Classic and Everest 29™ key systems are designed to give you the level of security you need for every application. With optional keyway exclusivity, multi-level key hierarchy and cylinders that fit into a wide variety of locks, Schlage key systems and cylinders give you total control of your key system and building security. The perfect mix of performance and flexibility.
Unlike many other brands of high security cylinders, Schlage can easily integrate its Primus XP and conventional cylinders into the same key system with no adverse effect on keying capacity. Primus XP keys will operate conventional cylinders, but conventional keys will not operate Primus XP cylinders. This means you can secure exterior doors and sensitive areas with Primus XP cylinders and use conventional cylinders on the remaining doors. This cuts the cost of the overall job, and security can be tailored to meet the exact needs of each door without sacrificing the convenience of having a single building master key.
The Classic keyway family
Schlage Classic keyways provide security with no restrictions on duplication. Our Classic keyways can be easily upgraded or mixed with Primus XP for enhanced protection.
Primus XP – high security.
The Primus XP keyway provides various levels of geographic exclusivity and requires authorization for duplication, ensuring better key control.
• Patented protection until July 2024
• Cylinders have a second set of pins for added security and pick resistance
• UL 437 versions available for additional protection against drilling and physical attacks
• Operates Primus XP and Classic (open) cylinders
The Everest 29™ patented keyway family
Everest 29 patented keyways provide a higher level of protection against unauthorized key duplication. Their patented design prevents non-authorized sources from manufacturing and distributing Everest 29 key blanks. Our Everest 29 key systems are suited for both new and existing key
systems, and give you the flexibility to expand and upgrade your key system as your needs change.
What is Everest 29 Primus XP?
The highest level of keyway security, Everest 29 Primus XP keyways are distributed under careful protection guidelines to protect the exclusivity of the individual side bit milling patterns. Choose Everest 29 Primus XP when the highest level of security and protection against unauthorized duplication is needed.
• Geographic exclusivity on key blanks
• Multiple patents protect against unauthorized key manufacture through July 2029
• Pick- and rake-resistant design
• Can be mixed and matched with non-Primus XP cylinders
• All key sections and master keying available at all levels of security
• Keys can be combinated using commonly available pin kits and key cutting equipment
• Keys are quick to cut and cylinders are easy to pin
• Thicker keys for added strength
• Three-year product warranty and a limited life-time warranty against key breakage
• Operates Everest 29 Primus, Everest Primus, Everest 29, and Everest restricted cylinders
Choose the Right Cylinder for Each Application.
Schlage cylinders are ideal for a wide range of commercial applications, including airports, hospitals, schools and universities, government and military buildings, offices and research laboratories. Choose from Classic Primus XP® or Everest® 29™ Primus XP high-security cylinders, Everest 29 patented open and restricted cylinders, or the industry-standard Classic cylinders to fulfill your security needs and the demands of your specific installation.
Conventional Cylinders
Schlage’s high quality conventional cylinders provide the standard level of security and functionality for Schlage locks. The exclusive use of solid brass bar stock plugs and shells, phosphor bronze springs, nickel silver keys and bottom pins, ensures long life and ease of operation. 6-pin Everest 29 cylinders in S123 keyway with two patented keys are standard for stock. S145 is standard for new master key systems.
Standard Cylinders Available
6-pin conventional (standard)
Primus XP High Security
Primus XP UL437 Listed high security
Hotel cylinder
Temporary construction plug, plastic for functions
Available in 606 and 626 finish only. Everest S123 keyway standard.

Primus XP High Security Cylinders
Primus XP high security cylinders are available to add patented* key control and varying degrees of geographical exclusivity to most Schlage 6-pin key systems, whether using Everest 29 or Classic keyways. In addition to a conventional pin tumbler mechanism, Primus XP cylinders incorporate a patented* finger pin and sidebar design providing a “dual-locking” cylinder that is highly pick-proof. Resistance to drilling and other physical attack is optional by specifying 20-500 Series UL437 Listed cylinders. *Patented key protection applies to Everest 29 Primus XP and Classic Primus XP only.
Primus XP Lockout Cylinders
Available in rim and mortise cylinders only, lockout cylinders are designed for doors where it is frequently desirable to disable all keys from operating the lock temporarily. The special lockout key can be removed while the plug is turned to the 11 o’clock position, preventing all normal operating keys, including master keys, from fully entering the cylinder. Suggested applications for lockout cylinders include laboratories, dark rooms, clean rooms, and exterior doors to dormitories. Schlage will not master key lockout cylinders.

Interchangeable Core (IC) Cylinders
(Full Size and Small Format)
For use where fast rekeying by non-technical personnel is desired, Schlage Primus XP and conventional interchangeable cores offer a great blend of security and convenience. The special control key for the system is all you need to remove the old core and install a new one. The core itself can be rekeyed with standard Schlage pin kits. Unlike some other brands, Schlage interchangeable cores can always be integrated into existing systems with no adverse effect on the key system. IC locks are especially well-suited to chain stores and restaurants where frequent employee turnover requires immediate rekeying by store management. Use IC cylinders to save time and energy when changing labor-intensive locks on exit devices and other door hardware.
Conventional core
Primus XP high security core
Available 606 and 626 finish only. Everest 29 S123 keyway standard for Commercial; C keyway standard for residential.
IC locksets are available in Orbit design only.
Full size interchangeable cores can be integrated into any 5 or 6-pin Schlage key with no adverse affects on keying capacity. FSIC - full size interchangeable core option for orbit design.
FSIC Conversion Kits
It is easy to convert standard A-Series locksets to accept Schlage FSIC interchangeable cores by changing the knob and adding the parts shown.
Interchangeable Core Components
Conversion kit: Driver, retainer, knob, core
Conversion kit: Driver, retainer, knob
Knob only (Orbit)
IC Installation Tool
A-Series latches are adjustable for flat or beveled edge doors. Latches and strikes are furnished in brass, bronze, or chrome finishes compatible with lock trim. When ordering separately, specify quantity, part number, and finish. Standard latches shown in bold type.
Faceplate Description
Hsg Dia
2 3/8”
(60 mm)
1” x 2 1/4” (25 mm x 57 mm) square
corner, standard
(22 mm)
2 3/8”
(60 mm)
1” x 2 1/4” (25 mm x 57 mm), 1/4” (6 mm) radius round corner
(22 mm)
2 3/8”
(60 mm)
1” (25 mm) circular
drive-in (non-U.L.)
(25 mm)
2 3/4”
(70 mm)
1” x 2 1/4” (25 mm x
57 mm), square corner
(22 mm)
2 3/4”
(70 mm)
1 1/8”x 2 1/4” (29 mm x 57 mm), square corner
(25 mm)
2 3/4”
(70 mm)
1” x 2 1/4” (25 mm x
57 mm), 1/4”(6 mm)
radius round corner
(22 mm)
2 3/4”
(70 mm)
1” (25 mm) circular
drive-in (non-U.L.)
(25 mm)
3 3/4”
(95 mm)
1 1/8”x 2 1/4” (29 mm x 57 mm), square corner
(25 mm)

Latch Front Adapter: A501-878
Used wide door preparations. Furnished in black plastic. Order in units of 100 each.

Long Backsets
Backsets 5” require extension links. A-Series locks with long backsets are normally furnished with 1” faceplates and 7/8” housings. Links installed in 1” latch holes require one G506-815 sleeve (order separately) to join latch and link.

Door Reinforcement for Hollow Metal Doors
Reinforcing unit is required to reinforce and help prevent the collapse of hollow metal doors when locksets are tightly mounted. This kit should be used with long backsets for A-Series lock installations in hollow metal doors to prevent lateral movement of the latchbolt. Specify door thickness, 1 3/8” (35 mm) or 1 3/4” (44 mm), when ordering reinforcement kits.
All Schlage strikes are furnished complete with screws. The 10-001 standard A-Series strike has a 1 1/8” (29 mm) lip. Standard strikes shown in bold type.
Lip Length
1”, 1 1/8”(std), 1 1/4”, 1 1/2”, 1 3/4”, 2” (25 mm, 29 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm, 44 mm, 51 mm)
1 1/8”x 2 3/4” (29mm x 70mm) Square corner, standard
1 1/8” (29mm)
1 1/8”x 2 3/4” (29mm x 70mm) 1/8”(3mm) Radius, round corner
1 3/16”, 1 3/8” (30mm, 35mm)
1 1/4”x 4 7/8”(32mm x 124mm) ANSI
1 1/8” (29mm)
1 5/8”x 2 1/4”(41mm x 57mm) Full lip, square corner
1 1/8” (29mm)
1 5/8”x 2 1/4”(41mm x 57mm) Full lip, 1/4” (6mm) radius, round corner
1 7/32” (31mm)
1 3/4” (44mm)
Circular, adjustable

Rabbeted Latch and Strike Kit
Rabbeted latch and strike kit finishes: 605, 626.
This kit adapts square corner latches and strikes for 1/2” (13 mm) rabbeted door and frame preparations.