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Tubular/Interconnect Locks
Tubular locks have a center spindle assembly that extends through the center of the lock body and latch, allowing for retraction of the latch when the lever or knob are rotated.  While these type of locks are very common on interior doors and in residential applications, they are considered the least secure lock type.
Interconnected door locks have an internal mechanism that retracts the deadbolt when the inside knob or lever is turned to open the door. This type of lock is required by some municipalities for certain applications like group or retirement homes.
Within our family of tubular/interconnected locks we offer Grade 2 security that is complimented by over 10 finishes and 5 functions to fit your project.
Common applications for tubular/interconnected locks include: Interior, Exterior, New Construction and Retrofit.
Tubular/interconnected locks are most often used in: Residential, Multi-Family and  Office environments.