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L-Series Locks

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Nothing is tougher.
At Schlage we know that every product you specify has to stand up to constant use and abuse. Your building’s locking systems face an additional challenge – keeping people and other assets safe while delivering constant, reliable performance. Schlage L-Series Extra Heavy Duty Mortise Locks are built to withstand the rigors of daily use without fail.
Schlage L9000 Series
Our L9000 Series locks are ideal for use in schools, hospitals and factories, where the finest hardware must also deliver consistent, dependable operation and stand up to constant use and abuse.
Schlage L400 Series
Our L400 Series locks are designed for use as primary locks where no latching is required, such as restrooms and small doors to utility spaces. They also offer optimum security when used as auxiliary locks in other applications.
We don’t compromise on security.
The safety and security of your clients’ buildings is something we take very seriously. That’s why every Schlage lock and deadbolt undergoes intensive testing to determine its ANSI grade level:

     • Cycle tests
     • Resistance tests
     • Door impact tests
     • Warped door tests
     • Bolt strength tests

We pay attention to these details so you can focus on creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment for your clients. In fact, every one of our L-Series locks meets ANSI Grade 1 standards for safety.
L/LV-Series  Template Number 
   Roses  Escutcheons
Function  Wood or Composite Metal  Wood or Composite Metal 
L9010, L9110, LM9310 L892 L893 L898 L899
L9025 L808 L809 L810 L811
L9026 L812 L813 L814 L815
L/LV9040, L/LV9044, L/LV9440, L/LV9444 L894 L895 L900 L901
L0170 L739 L781 L741 L782
L0172 L743 L744 L745 L746
L9175, LM9325 L851 L806 L859 L855
L9176 L852 L807 L860 L856
L9177, L9178 (Discontinued) Use L9175 or L9176 templates with 10-091 template J913
L/LV9050, L/LV9056, L/LV9453, L/LV9456, L9473, L/LV9480, L/LV9485, LM/LMV9350, LM/LMV9356 L896 L897 L826 L827
L/LV9060, L/LV9071, L/LV9077, L/LV9082, L/LV9457, L9466, L/LV9458, L/LV9482, LM/LMV9371 L816 L817 L828 L829
L/LV9070, L/LV9076, L/LV9080, L/LV9080/EL/EU, L9465, LM/LMV9370, L/LMV9380 L905 L906 L907 L908
L/LV9486, L/LV9496 L820 L821 L832 L833
L9460, L9462, L9463, L9464 Deadbolts L902 L903    
L9412     L911 L912
L460, L462, L463, L464, L480, L496 Small case deadbolt L909 L910    
Mounting active trim one-side only, L283-150. L904 L904    
Use with appropriate lock function template 
Various functions, rabbeted.  Use appropriate lock function template with 10-075 template J557

Template Number











L9090, L9091 L918 L916   L917 L915
L9092, L9093 L922 L920   L921 L919
L9094, L9095, L9494, L9495 L926 L924   L925 L923
L9492, L9493 L961 L962 L963 L964



L927 L943
LM9225 L930 L946
LM9250, LM9256 L932 L948 L931 L947
LM9270, LM9280 L934 L950 L933 L949
LM9271 L936 L952 L935 L951
LM9290 EL/EU, LM9291EL/EU L938 L954 L937 L953
LM9292 EL/EU, LM9293 EL/EU L940 L956 L939 L955

LM9294 EL/EU, LM9295 EL/EU

L942 L958 L941 L957
LM9200-LBL (less bottom latch) L959 L960 L959 L960
L/LV-Series Strikes  Jamb 
Number  Description  Template Number
Wood  Metal 
10-072  ANSI, Square Corner, Dual Holes, specify box, standard J918 J919
10-073  ANSI, Square Corner, Dual Holes, Deadbolt, box, deadbolt standard J920 J921
10-075  Mortise, Square Corner, ½" (13mm) rabbeted, no box  J557 J921
10-091  Mortise, Square Corner, Dual Holes, armor strike, no box J913 J913
XL11-820 One hole for latching functions, RH and LHR Doors J918 J919
XL11-821 One hole for latching functions, LH and RHR Doors J918 J919
10-078  ANSI, Square Corner, deadbolt, box  J920 J921
10-079  Mortise, Square Corner, deadbolt, box, standard  J922 J923