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KP2000 Single Gang Flush Mount Keypads

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The KP2000 Series Single gang flush mount keypads manage up to 500 users and provide complete access control functionality including monitoring door position, controlling locking hardware, triggering propped or forced alert or alarm shunt output. Other applications for the KP2000 Series keypads include:  controlling electronic devices such as handicapped doors, gate controls, alarm systems, ATM vestibules, and other types of machinery requiring momentary or latched outputs.
You can select between two modes of functionality with the KP2000 Series Keypads. They can operate most Wiegand access system controllers, or as standalone access control devices. The KP2000 Series comes in two different styles: the “e” style and the “eM” style. The “e” style keypad uses hardened backlit keys while the “eM” style uses a durable metal keypad including Braille alpha-numeric keys. The KP2000 series can be used in interior and exterior applications. The flush-mount keypads are constructed to meet your aesthetic needs while ensuring long-term durability and high-quality performance.
  • 500 users
  • Door position input 
  • Request to Exit input
  • 2 Form C SPDT relay outputs – default for access control function 
  • Sounder for key press and alert conditions 
  • All outputs can be programmed independently if required 
  • Option for secure installation with control electronics in protected area 
  • Widest array of user type options including single use and two man rule 
  • 10-30 VDC and 12-24 VAC operation 
  • Over-voltage protection for reliable operation 
  • Single-gang flush mount design
  • Indoor/outdoor use 
  • Keypad programmable 
  • Key press feedback via sounder and yellow LED Built-in assignable sounder 
  • Bi-color Red/Green LED indicates relay status
For additional information, please visit the Technical Library.