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Proximity Mini-Mullion Reader

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The XceedID® PR10 Proximity Mini-Mullion Reader is a great option for a tight space in a proximity-only access control installation. This cost-effective reader is well suited for both indoor and outdoor installations.  Similar to all aptiQ™ Readers, the PR10 operates on a Wiegand interface, is compatible with all industry leading 125 kHz proximity credentials, and is completely ISO compliant.  Its small, but attractive design mirrors the styling of the aptiQ™ Multi-Technology Reader line-up, and is available in a variety of color options.

Features and Benefits:
• Read Range:  Up to 3”
• Weight:  4.1 oz
• Dimensions:  4.26" x 1.72" x 0.81"
• Accommodates interior, exterior, metal, and non-metal installation environments
• Quick-connect cable for easy installation
• Easy-to-install mounting bracket
• Tri-state LED (red, green, amber) visual indicator and audio feedback representing status and activity information, easily discernible for the auldibly or visually impaired
• Wiegand output for simple interface with most access control panels
• Multiple color options
• Limited Lifetime Warranty 
The PR10 reader is a replacement for the (S)XF1050 legacy reader product.
Color Options:

•  Black (standard)
•  Cream
•  Warm Tone Brown
•  Cool Tone Gray
Optional tamper resistant Torx™ screw for cover
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Downloads may also be found in our Technical Library.