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Electric Strikes for use with Mortise or Cylindrical Locksets

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Allegion offers a variety of electrics strikes for use with mortise or cylindrical locksets.
Von Duprin 6200 Series Electric Strike
The 6200 Series Strike offers a variety of highly customizable features. It is well suited for new construction applications. Its heavy duty stainless steel construction is fully UL1034 and UL10C listed and ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 1500 lb. hold force rated.
• Voltage: 24 VDC standard with 12 VDC and AC operation optional
• Power failure mode: Specify fail secure or fail safe at time of order
• Handing: Non-handed design provides greater flexibility
• Finish: US3/85 Plated Polished Brass on Stainless Steel, US4/84 Plated Dull Brass on Stainless Steel, US10/06 Plated Dull Bronze on Stainless Steel, US10B,86 Plated Dark Bronze on Stainless Steel, US32/31 Stainless Steel Polished, US32D/32 Stainless Steel Satin
Von Duprin 5100 Series Electric Strike
The 5100 Series is easy to install and comes standard with three face plates in every box. It is ANSI/BHMA 156.5 Grade 1 and UL1034 certified.
• Voltage: Field selectable 24 VDC or 12 VDC
• Power Failure Mode: Field selectable fail safe/fail secure
• Handing: Non-handed design provides greater flexibility
• Finish: BHMA 689/US SP28 Aluminum Sprayed, BHMA 695/ US SP313 Sprayed Duranodic, BHMA 622/ US19 Flat Black
Von Duprin 6400 Series Modular Electric Strike
The flexible design of the 6400 Series is ideal for aftermarket applications. Vertical adjustment up to 1/8” of the deadbolt keeper or deadlatch ramp allows for alignment with a variety of mortise locks with offset latches. The 6400 Series is UL listed for 1500 lb. static strength, UL 1034 burglary-resistant listed & UL 10 C 3 hour fire-rated (fail secure only).
•Voltage: Field selectable voltage 12 VDC or 24 VDC and 12 to 24 VAC
•Power failure mode: Fail secure only (fire rated)
•Handing: Non-handed design provides greater flexibility
•Finish: BHMA 630/ US US32D Stainless steel, Satin
Von Duprin 4200 Series Electric Strike
The 4200 series is ideal for interior commercial traffic control applications. It is easy to stock and install with a dual voltage solenoid and field configurable power failure mode that can be changed without disassembling the strike. A latchbolt monitoring switch is standard on the 4212
•Voltage: Field selectable 12 VDC or 24 VDC
•Power failure mode: Field selectable fail safe/ fail secure
•Handing: Non-handed design provides greater flexibility
•Finish: BHMA 630 satin stainless steel
Series Lockset Model # Doors Door & Frame Type
Von Duprin 6200 Series Mortise 6210 Single Hollow Metal & Aluminum
6216 Hollow Metal, Aluminum & Wood
Mortise or Cylindrical 6224AL Pair Aluminum
6222 Hollow Metal & Aluminum
6221 Hollow Metal, Aluminum & Wood
6211AL Single Aluminum
6211 Hollow Metal & Aluminum
6213 Hollow Metal & Aluminum *
* Includes wood frame on retrofit applications
6211WF Wood
Von Duprin 6400 Series Cylindrical, Mortise, Mortise Exit 6400 Hollow Metal, Aluminum & Wood
Von Duprin 5100 Series Strike Cylindrical 5100 Hollow Metal, Aluminum & Wood
Von Duprin 4200 Series Electric Strike Cylindrical 4211 & 4212 Single Hollow Metal & Aluminum