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40/70 Series

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The 40 and 70 Series is an integrator’s answer to retrofit needs for electromagnetics locks. These well-appointed electromagnetic locks are easy to stock, easy to select and easy to install. With common templating and standard features, the 40 and 70 Series Electromagnetic Locks for retrofit make sense for virtually every application.

40/70 Features
• Simplified armature installation
• Automatic voltage selection, magnetic bond sensor, door status monitor and stainless steel housing - standard
• Top jamb bracket (TJ) Available
• Double magnet available with 70 series
• Accessories include: herculite door kits, universal header bracket, header extension bracket, concrete/wood brackets & aluminum spacer brackets
• ANSI/BHMA A156.23 Grade 1, UL 10C - 1 Hour Fire Rated
• UL1034 Certified: Burglary-Resistant Electronic Locking Mechanisms

Product How to Choose
40/70 Series 40 Series: Designed for retrofit applications.  The 40 series has a BHMA Grade 1 Certified 500 lb. 
70 Series: Designed for retrofit applications. The 70 series has a BHMA Grade 1000 lb. rating.