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M400 Series Electromagnetic Locks

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The M400 electromagnetic locks from Schlage are designed with the customer in mind to be robust, easy to install, and secure. The new bayonet mounting feature makes installs easier, allowing the installer to have their hands free during the mounting process. There is no need to consider door handing as all the M400 Series electromagnetic locks are both non-handed and symmetrical, allowing optimum placement of the magnet no matter the application.
All M400 Series locks have automatic voltage sensing for 12 and 24 volts along with polarity protection to make wiring less complex. The M420 is tested and certified to meet or exceed UL1034 and BHMA 500lb. hold force requirements.
The M400 Series locks come in two configurations to meet your specific security needs. The basic security and plus (P) which provides intelligent sensing and reporting features needed to integrate with access control systems. Additional options are available for the plus (P) configuration.
M400 Features
• Auto voltage selection is standard
• Plus package (P) adds magnetic bond sensor, relocking time delay & door status monitor
• Optional mounting kits available including: top jamb mount, double and glass door
• Automatic Voltage Selection (AVS)
• Bayonet mount makes installation simpler
• New design allows for RH/LH configuration in the field
• Two singles can be combined to make a double by using connector block
• Armature mount allows armature to pivot compensating for slight opening imperfections
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• UL1034 Burglary-Resistant Electronic Locking Mechanisms, UL10C Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies and ANSI/BHMA A156.23 Grade 1 certifications
Product How to Choose
M400 Series M490: Tested and certified to meet or exceed UL1034 and BHMA 1500 lb. hold force requirements.  
M450: Tested and certified to meet or exceed UL1034 and BHMA 1000 lb. hold force requirements
M420:  Tested and certified to meet or exceed UL1034 and BHMA 500 lb. hold force requirements.