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PS900 Series Power Supplies

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The PS900 Series features three Schlage branded models; PS902 - 2 amp, PS904 – 4 amp and PS906 – 6 amp. The PS900 Series also features the Von Duprin PS914 – 4 amp with high in-rush which is designed specifically for use with electrified exit devices. These PS900 Series power supplies can be outfitted with a variety of distribution options including basic fuse protection, simple relay, and advanced logic providing complex sequencing and timing functions.

Common to the line of PS900 Series power supplies is a constant output rating at both 12v and 24v settings, universal 120 VAC to 240 VAC input, and polarized option board connectors. New fire alarm interface board mounting allows outputs to be configured as switched (power cut) or unswitched (power continues) when signal provided.

Installation is simplified by utilizing a flat mounting design and polarized locking connectors for option boards. This new design eliminates the need for racks and side connectors. The flat mounting of the option boards also provides for easier access to the terminal blocks for connection of electrified devices (such as electrified strikes, electromagnetic locks, card readers, etc).
Product How to Choose
PS-900 Series PS902: Schlage 2 amp power supply; 12/24 VDC output, field selectable; accepts 1 optional distribution board.
PS904: Schlage 4 amp power supply; 12/24 VDC output, field selectable; accepts 2 optional distribution boards.
PS906: Schlage 6 amp power supply; 12/24 VDC output, field selectable; accepts 3 optional distribution boards.
PS914: Von Duprin 4 amp power supply; High In-rush for use with EL Exit Devices.  12/24 VDC output, field selectable; accepts up to 2 optional distribution boards
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