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HandPunch 4000
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The Schlage HandPunch® 4000 now brings the accuracy and convenience of biometric technology easily within reach of any time and attendance applications. With a HandPunch employees can clock-in for work without the use of cards. Your business won’t have to create or administer cards, and users’ credentials can’t get lost, stolen or duplicated.


Since the user is identified by hand geometry – the unique size and shape of his or her hand – costly “buddy punching” is eliminated. This means that one employee can’t punch in for the other.


Designed to grow with your business, the user capacity of the HandPunch 4000 can be easily expanded in the field. Standard user memory provides for up to 530 employees with the expandability to grow to 51,516 users.


Some installations require the use of a badge. For these situations, the HandPunch 4000 includes an integrated bar code reader that can be used for ID number entry.


The HandPunch 4000 is also more than a simple time and attendance terminal and lets you tailor the system to meet your precise needs. You can send messages to employees when they punch and employees can view information about their schedules, total hours worked, and more.


In addition to time and attendance applications, the HandPunch 4000 provides the capability of unlocking and monitoring a door. Now you can enhance your access control system, while ensuring accurate employee punch records and saving money. 


Features and Benefits:

• Standard Ethernet connectivity allows easy use of time and attendance applications
• Supports up to 530 users
• Field upgrade available up to 3,498 users or an additional memory module upgrade up to 51,516 users
• Antimicrobial coating on the platen helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi, and remains active for the life of the device
• No fingerprints or palm prints are used
• Works effectively in environments where the user’s hand or the device may get dirty, dusty or damp
• Comes with built-in bar code reader
• Collect and display data as employees punch
• Capability to unlock and monitor a door

What is Hand Geometry?

Hand geometry measures the size and shape of a person’s hand, including length, width, thickness, and surface area to verify the person’s identity. In conjunction with a PIN number or the swipe of a card, the enrolled individual can punch in for work. Hand readers do not read fingerprints or palm prints.  
• “Buddy Punching”, i.e. punching in for someone else, is eliminated since credentials cannot be duplicated
• Hand geometry accurately identifies the user even if his or her hand is dirty, wet or injured, or if the device is damp, dusty or dirty
• No fingerprint or palm print is stored in the device
• Data is not shared with any outside agencies or companies
• Verification takes place in about one second
• Since the “credential” cannot be lost or stolen there is no cost to replace lost, damaged or stolen cards
Schlage HandPunch hand readers offer a versatile and flexible workforce management solution that lends itself to a diverse array of facilities and workgroups. 
• Healthcare/Long-Term Care – The HandPunch enables healthcare facilities to track multiple shifts accurately, while protecting the security of the patients and visitors by verifying that the staff present is who they say they are.
• Hospitality – Frequent staff changes and multiple shifts can easily be managed with the HandPunch, while also ensuring high security wherever it’s needed by verifying that the staff present is who they say they are.
• Education – In settings where it’s of utmost importance to ensure that the right people are interacting with children, the HandPunch can accurately identify and clock-in all educational staff.
• Government – Frequent staff changes and multiple shift schedules are no problem for the HandPunch. In fact, its accurate time and attendance tracking can help reduce the number one expense in governmental organizations—labor.
• Manufacturing – In harsh environments where dirt and dust are a concern the HandPunch delivers reliable performance even when a user’s hand is dirty or wet.
• Grocery – Frequent staff changes and multiple shift schedules are no problem for the HandPunch. In fact, its accurate time and attendance tracking can help reduce your number one expense—labor.
• Restaurants – In a busy restaurant the HandPunch eliminates time consuming paperwork, and ensures accurate time and attendance, even if a user’s hand is wet or dirty.
• Retail – Protect your store from unauthorized entry, and save time and money by improving the accuracy of time and attendance with a Schlage HandPunch biometric reader.