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Sustainable Building
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At Allegion, we are pioneering safety by protecting people where they live and work, and protecting our environment at the same time. We promote the health and safety of our employees, customers and local community members worldwide through our commitment to conducting business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
Additionally, Allegion recognizes the value of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system to building environmentally safe and sustainable structures.  By using Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declarations, we aim to provide our customers with the information they need to make decisions regarding their own sustainable building concepts and green solutions.
At Allegion, we value the importance of a cleaner world and are committed to being a responsible member of our global communities.
Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are now available for some of Allegion's products.  The list below contains documentation for the most popular Schlage, LCN and Von Duprin models.  We are continuing to add new EPDs to this page, so please check back frequently for the addition of new Schlage, LCN and Von Duprin documentation, as well as Steelcraft, Falcon, Ives, and Glynn-Johnson documentation.
For each series, we have the full EPD and a transparency summary, which is an overview of the EPD.
Schlage Mechanical Locks
AL-Series Cylindrical Lever Lock          EPD     Transparency Summary
B500-SeriesDeadbolts                         EPD     Transparency Summary
L9000-Series Mortise Lock                       EPD     Transparency Summary
ND-Series Cylindrical Lock                      EPD     Transparency Summary
Von Duprin Exit Device EPDs
22-Series Touch Bar Exit Device            EPD     Transparency Summary
33A/35A-Series Touch Bar Exit Device    EPD     Transparency Summary
98/99-Series Touch Bar Exit Device        EPD     Transparency Summary
LCN Door Control EPDs
1460-Series Surface Mounted Closer         EPD     Transparency Summary
4000-Series Surface Mounted Closer         EPD     Transparency Summary
Ives Hardware Accessories EPDs
Architectural Hinges                              EPD    
Continuous Hinges                                EPD
Steelcraft Doors & Frames EPDs
F-Series Frames                                    EPD
L-Series Door                                       EPD
Allegion recognizes the value of the LEED 2009 rating system and will provide you with information for various LEED credits.

Currently, many products offered by Schlage, Von Duprin, LCN, Steelcraft, and Falcon contribute to a project’s LEED certification in the following credits:

Materials & Resources Credit 4.1- Recycled Content
Materials & Resources Credit 4.2- Recycled Content
Materials & Resources Credit 5.1- Regional Manufacture
Materials & Resources Credit 5.2- Regional Manufacture
Where can I learn more?
For further information regarding LEED certification and how your next building can become certified, please visit the USGBC website
Please contact your local Architectural Consultant for specific product information and details or additional Green-Building information.

* Allegion LEED® information is published in accordance with ISO 14021 - Environmental labels and declarations – Self-declared environment claims

Governments around the world are focusing on restricting and eliminating the presence of hazardous materials in products and packaging from the environment to improve the sustainability of our planet. Therefore, there has been an increase in health and environmental regulatory requirements passed and proposed by different jurisdictions around the world.
Learn more about Allegion's Material Declarations here.
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