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Case Studies
A major Illinois hospital had no real form of controlling access throughout its building, particularly in key locations such as labs, physician offices, and administrative areas.
With standalone keypad locks on key areas at the corporate headquarters, Beck's had very little access contol.   A local integrator introduces the concept of a wireless solution.  Beck's decided to incorporate this more advanced security solution on its campus, beginning with its new state-of-the-art research facility under construction.  
With more than 1,000 families staying at the Ronald McDonald House each year- and constant turnover of rooms- they wanted to create a more secure environment with reliability, access control and integrated functionality, but still stay within their budget. 
Mercer University has sought after a goal of a wireless security solution that could eventually upgrade to its vision of being a keyless/cashless environment.  The university desired a system that integrated its one card platform including access control, purchasing meals, copying, checking out books, using vending machines and more.
Using NFC to replace campus one-cards with smartphones at Villanova University 
When a college or University engages near field communication (NFC), it gains the ability to install all campus access capabilities onto a student's smartphone.  Not only is student ease of use gained, but the operational and financial efforts necessary for keeping up with a card credential system are eliminated.
University of San Francisco Embraces Near Field Communications 
Learn more about Near Field Communication (NFC) solution at the University of San Francisco (USF) for door access and spending at laundry terminals. The USF solution is comprised of the CS Gold® campus card system from CBORD® and Allegion's aptiQmobile™ web-based credential services and multi-technology readers.
The Complexities of Securing a Transportation Site 
Airports are among the most challenging environments to secure.  They comprise an expansive perimeter, with numerous points of access and numerous individual buildings and facilities for which access must be provided for thousands, in some cases tens of thousands, of individuals every day.
To achieve their goalof keeping their students safe, Wirelesss Integrated Locks from Allegion were installed on all 223 interior doors leading in to students' rooms.
Texas A&M University-Commerce wanted a security solution that would integrate with the existing Blackboard Transact platform for wireless access control that included keyless entry, online credential management, and the ability—if needed—to lock down a building or multiple buildings within seconds.