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Corporate Facilities

Whether you’re designing a corporate complex or small business tenant fit out, Allegion has the solution to fit your needs.


Main Entrance Doors

Main entrances to offices are a hub of activity, with employees and guests coming and going throughout the workday. It’s important that these openings allow for monitoring of traffic flow and building access while protecting the office from unauthorized visitors, theft and vandalism.
Featuring: aptiQ™ multi-technology readers, aptiQ™ credentials

Office and Storage Room Doors

Offices and storage rooms are used constantly throughout the workday. Because these rooms need to be accessible, they must remain unlocked during the workday. After hours, these openings may be locked, but cleaning or maintenance staff needs access to these rooms.
Featuring: Schlage® decorative levers, Schlage® cylinders and key systems

Conference Room Doors

Conference rooms typically must accommodate large groups both during working hours and after business hours, whether for a meeting or public event, and often must remain unlocked most of the day.
Featuring: Von Duprin® concealed vertical cable exit device

High Security Area Doors

Whether it’s a server storage room, patient, customer or records storage, an in-house pharmacy or a laboratory, some rooms require the highest level of security, accessible only by authorized staff.
Featuring: Schlage® biometrics readers, Schlage® AD-Series and CO-Series electronic locks

Emergency Exit Doors

Emergency exits are one of the most important openings in a building. Employees and visitors must be able to easily evacuate in the event of an emergency, such as a fire. These doors also must be compliant with building, fire and ADA codes.
Featuring: LCN Sentronic® closers/holders, Von Duprin® exit device with Safety Glow

Stairwell Doors

Easy and safe access to your building’s stairwell doors by authorized personnel is important. These doors must remain closed for fire safety compliance and the locks must release with the fire alarm for quick and easy exiting.
Featuring: Steelcraft® fire-rated doors and frames, Von Duprin® exit devices

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