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Concealed Cable Solutions from Allegion

The ideal solution for concealed wood door applications.

Wood doors are the “finishing touch” for many installations. It is only appropriate that the corresponding door hardware lives up to this expectation. The Schlage LM9200 Series and Von Duprin WDC series provide a new paradigm for wood door hardware – one free from unsightly metal wraps and large escutcheons, one where installation becomes as simple as winding a cable on a reel, and where enhanced security and reliability blend seamlessly with the opening.

The technology: The Schlage LM9200 and Von Duprin WDC series utilize concealed cables instead of rods. The cables are exceptionally strong and reliable and are used in multiple industries, from automotive to aviation.

The solution: The Schlage LM9200 Series is intended for “lever x lever” applications – where levers are on both the inside and outside of the door. The Von Duprin WDC is a concealed cable exit solution (push bar on one side, trim on the opposite) specifically designed for wood doors.
  • Flexible installation: A common bottom cable used with four different top cable lengths cover door opening height range from 6’8”-10’. Available in one and two point applications.
  • Secure latching: Designed specifically for wood doors, the latches are featured with standard deadlocking and greater than 90-degree engagement with the strikes, providing optimum security.
  • Aesthetics: 31 available lever designs with sectional and escutcheon trim options combined with suiting across multiple Schlage and Von Duprin platforms allow for a consistent look throughout your facility.
  • Door integrity: The prep for concealed cables requires less material to be removed which protects the structural integrity of the wood door.
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