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Windstorm Solutions

Windstorm Solutions – When Safety is as Important as Security

Severe weather, in the form of tornadoes and hurricanes, have taken a tremendous toll on the United States and it has become increasingly difficult to understand and keep up with changing federal, state and local code requirements.  
Schlage, Von Duprin and Steelcraft have come together to offer a complete solution specifically designed for severe weather. MultiPoint Locks, storm shutters, exit devices and wind-rated locks offer safety and security from tornadoes and hurricanes, complying with the most stringent testing standards.

Learn more below and also view the Windstorm Solutions brochure and the corresponding data sheets for each solution via the download tab.
Note: Requirements and details vary state to state so please contact a local Allegion Sales or Specification representative to discuss the appropriate solution for your needs.
Tornado Solutions

All tornado solutions meet FEMA 320/361 guidelines and are tested to the most stringent standards for the most powerful EF5 tornadoes, providing protection from wind speeds up to 250 mph and 15 lb projectile impacts at 100 mph. Because of the extreme requirements, all tornado solutions are tested as complete assemblies (i.e., lock and exit device along with a Steelcraft Paladin door). Two different tornado solutions are available:      
  • MultiPoint Locks: MultiPoint Locks are three-point locking systems that secure the door at 3 points – top, bottom, and traditional latch location on the side. Operating just like traditional locks, MultiPoint Locks are ideally suited for classrooms, storerooms, community rooms, or dedicated storm shelters. MultiPoint Locks can also be used as “storm shutters” to secure window openings from the inside, protecting occupants from glass and flying debris.
  • Windstorm Exit Devices: Windstorm Exit Devices are operationally and aesthetically identical  to a standard exit device, but are specially designed to the same wind and impact standards as the MultiPoint Lock and can withstand the most powerful tornadoes.
Hurricane Solutions
The appropriate hurricane solution depends on the specific requirements for the application zone. There are two different Hurricane zones:
  • Hurricane Wind & Impact: Coastal regions take the brunt of hurricanes, with threats from both wind and flying debris. Hurricane Wind & Impact devices are tested to state standards, withstanding wind speeds greater than 140 mph and 9 lb projectile impacts at 34 mph.  Furthermore, the Schlage MultiPoint Lock and Von Duprin WS98/9927 Exit Device meet the Florida Building Code Enhanced Hurricane Protection Area (EHPA) requirements, withstanding 240 mph wind speeds and 9 lb projectile impacts at 55 mph.
  • Hurricane Wind-Only: Inland regions have lower hurricane requirements, with only high wind pressure posing a threat. All Von Duprin Exit Devices and most Schlage Locks, when paired with select Steelcraft Doors, are approved for Wind-Only applications.