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Veteran Affairs Facilities

Allegion can assist you in understanding the challenges of implementing and complying with HSPD-12/FIPS-201 compliant product or any of your other physical security needs. Our comprehensive approach delivers sustainable security and safety practices to comply with your everyday needs that services VA Hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics and centers.


A hospital patient’s room needs to be easily accessible to the medical staff to easily push wheelchairs, gurneys or other necessary equipment through the opening, quickly and safely.
Featuring: Glynn-Johnson® push/pull latch
Cross-corridor openings can be found in many areas of a hospital. These doors are subject to the most use and, consequently, abuse than almost any other openings in the medical facility. The most important goal of these openings is to control the spread of smoke or fire in case of an emergency.
Featuring: Von Duprin® INPACT® exit device, Steelcraft® GrainTech™ doors 
Main front entrances to government facilities can have many authorized personnel and visitors entering and leaving the building each day. Reliable physical security is an important part of protecting these buildings against unauthorized entry and ensuring the safety of the people and property within.
Featuring: aptiQ™ readers, Steelcraft® L-series & B-series steel doors
Government buildings are full of security-sensitive areas, and managing real-time accessibility of authorized personnel in these areas is essential for ensuring compliance and safety.
Featuring: Schlage® AD-series FIPS 201-1 compliant electronic locks AD-401, AD-301, AD-201