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We believe optimizing your facility's physical environment can have a direct link to improved Patient Outcomes, Patient Satisfaction, Staff Satisfaction and Productivity, and Financial Performance. Find out more by exploring the Solutions we offer, Resources that will educate and inform you, and where we’re actively engaged in industry News & Events.
Staying up to date on building codes can help ensure the ongoing safety and security of every opening within your facility.

When it comes to meeting HIPAA guidelines, understanding both the physical and logical steps to better security are critical to accomplishing your goals.
According to the Joint Commission, the most common types of citations given are for Life Safety Code violations. These can easily be avoided with even simple changes.

With an assessment approach that requires institutions to be in a state of continuous readiness, the Joint Commission is raising the bar on performance.
Today’s providers must make sure their patients receive the correct medical treatment, while also caring for their overall wellbeing. This includes managing stress levels, comfort and mental wellbeing.
Patients expect their medical care to be performed in a professional and safe manner. They also expect their healthcare facility to be a safe environment.