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No matter what solution you choose, you can rest assured that Allegion will be there for support throughout the installation to ensure your peace of mind.  Allegion has a monthly webinar series on Code Compliant Access Control Solutions, and other valuable tools and resources for your utilization.

Title: Code Compliant Access Control Solutions for Fire Doors
Description: The inherent conflict of maintaining a secure building while providing safe emergency egress is an ever growing challenge. Understanding complex fire codes, changing building uses and ADA laws can be difficult, yet is critical to life safety.
Recorded Webinar

Title: Code Compliant Delayed Egress Access Control Solutions
Description: Every retail store has to manage exterior doors and employee entrances. Balancing enough egress for fire code, while protecting inventory, can be challenging, and is also vitally important.

Title: Access Control Solutions for Automatic Operators
Description: Healthcare facilities, like many others, are constantly challenged with finding the right balance between accessibility and security. In this webinar we will examine a perimeter entrance and discuss how access control can be added to a pair of doors with automatic operators. We will discuss the unique codes that govern these applications and provide several solutions to consider.

Title: Code Compliant Security Interlocks
Description: Security interlocks, also known as mantraps, are used either for security or to control air-flow into a clean room. The codes governing security interlocks are as complex as the systems themselves. This webinar will walk you through an example of a clean room in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. We will discuss the unique code considerations as well as several electronic access control solutions.

Title: Access Control Solutions for Gates and Remote Locations
Description: Protecting school grounds is a top priority, but adding access control in remote areas can be problematic. Fire and life safety codes for applications such as gates are often overlooked. This webinar will look at the unique needs of an elementary school in securing the bus parking area. We will discuss the codes that must be considered and provide an overview of several innovative wireless solutions that enable electronic access control to quickly and easily be added.