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Integrated Access Control Solution with AD-400 Wireless devices and Web-based Access Control
Avigilon Overview

Integrated Access Control Solution with AD-400 Wireless Devices and Avigilon Web-based Access Control
Solution Summary:
The AD-Series Electronic Locking platform is designed to be open and flexible.  The AD-Series can be seamlessly integrated into the Avigilon access control system to provide a cost effective and scalable access control solution.
System Capabilities (see Solution Sheet on System Downloads tab for complete details):
• Each Avigilon EP2500 supports up to 64 AD locks total
• Avigilon Mercury EP2500 supports a maximum of 4 PIM400-485 per RS485 port.  There are 2 RS485 ports on each      Avigilon EP2500 supporting up to 8 PIM400-485 total.
• The PIM400-1501 supports up to 16 AD-400 wireless locks and is capable of being PoE
AD-400 Wireless Applications:
• Real time access control and monitoring
• 900 MHz communication between AD-400 and PIM400-485  for secure, AES-128 bit encrypted transmission
• Patent-pending Wireless lockdown feature via PIM400-485 (10 seconds or less) preserves up to 2 year battery life
• ANSI/BHMA 156.25, ANSI/BHMA Grade 1, UL294, UL10C
AD-Series Configuration Options – Reference AD-Series Part Number Guide for all available options:
• Wireless (AD-400)
• Cylindrical (CY)
• Mortise (MS)
• Exit Trim (993)
• Classroom/Storeroom (70)
• Keypad (KP)
• Magnetic Stripe - Insert (MG)
• Magnetic Stripe + Keypad - Insert (MGK)
• Magnetic Stripe - Swipe (MS)
• Magnetic Stripe + Keypad - Swipe (MSK)
• Multi-Technology (MT - reads both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz)
• Multi-Technology + Keypad (MTK - reads both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz)
Supported Proximity Cards (125 kHz):
• HID®
• Schlage
• XceedID®
Supported Smart Cards (13.56 MHz):
• aptiQ™ MIFARE Classic
• aptiQ™ MIFARE DESFire™ EV1
• PIV & PIV-I Compatible (CSN Supported, full length support coming soon)
Supported Smart Cards (13.56MHz) - Reads Card Serial Number Only:
• DESFire®
• HID iClass®

AD-Series Accessories: 
• HHD/SUS – Hand held programming device with Schlage Utility Software, used to initialize, configure and test AD-Series devices
• PIM400-485– Panel Interface Module for AD-400 Applications, supports up to 2 AD-Series Locks
• TK400 - Wireless Test Kit
• WPR400 - Wireless Portable Reader
• WRI400 - Wireless Reader Interface
• REPTR400 - Wireless Repeater
• GCK400/ECK400 - Wireless Gate & Elevator Kit
• ANT400 - Wireless Antenna
Avigilon Downloads

Solution Sheet:
Solution Sheet Avigilon AD 400 
Wiring Diagrams:
WRI400/PIM400-TD2 Wiring Diagram 

Schlage AD400 Wiring Diagram Avigilon EP1501 Wiegand Model 

Schlage AD300 Wiring Diagram Avigilon EP1501 Wiegand Model  

Schlage AD300 AD400 Wiring Diagram Avigilon EP1502 Wiegand Model

Schlage AD400 Wiring Diagram Avigilon CAD Blocks

Schlage AD400 Wiring Diagram Avigilon EP2500 RS485

Schlage AD400 Wiring Diagram Avigilon Pim400-1501-LC RS485 


AD-400 Wireless Electronic Lock Specification 
Please click on the AD-400 Downloads tab for additional documents such as AD-Series Data Sheets, Installation Instuctions, User Guides etc.  Additional technical documents including templates, parts guides, and more can also be found at
Avigilon Contact Info:


AD-400 Downloads

Below is a selection of the most popular downloads, please visit the Technical Library for additional documentation including templates, instructions, etc.


AD-Series Datasheets:
AD-400 Datasheet 

AD-401 Wireless Electronic Integrated Lock with FIPS 201 Compliant Multi Tech + Keypad Reader 

PIM400-485 Datasheet 

PIM400-TD2 Datasheet 

SUS (Schlage Utility Software) on the HHD (Handheld Device) Datasheet 

RLBD Dry Contact Relay Board Datasheet 

TK400 Wireless Test Kit Datasheet 

WPR400 Wireless Portable Reader Datasheet 

WRI400 Wireless Reader Interface Datasheet 

REPTR400 Wireless Repeater Datasheet 

GCK400/ECK400 Wireless Gate & Elevator Kit Datasheet 

ANT400 Wireless Antenna Datasheet 


AD-Series Installation Guides:

Cylindrical Installation Guide 

Mortise Installation Guide 

Exit Trim Installation Guide 

Mortise Exit Trim Installation Guide 

For additional installation instructions and templates please visit the Technical Library.


AD-Series User Guides:
AD-400 User Guide - English 

AD-400 User Guide - French 

AD-400 User Guide - Spanish 

SUS Utility Software on the Handheld Device (HHD) User Guide


AD-Series CAD Files:

AD-400 Cylindrical CAD File 

AD-400 Exit Trim CAD File 


AD-Series Firmware:

AD-Series Firmware Package 

AD-Series FIPS 201 Firmware Package 

Schlage Utility Software Download for HHD


AD-Series Parts and Service:

AD-Series Service Manual


AD-Series Brochures:

Selection Guide 

Solutions Brochure 



Please visit the Technical Library for additional documentation including templates, instructions, etc.