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aptiQ™ Alliance Program
Our commitment to growing with customers as their needs change and never compromising on security drives our relationship with alliance partners. Through our aptiQ Alliance Program, we develop collaborative relationships with other companies to provide a broader range of products and services, all in an effort to serve you better and solve unique security problems.
Just as our aptiQ brand represents a forward-thinking portfolio of smart products that help to focus on facility security needs today and keep up with the ever-changing technologies in the future, our aptiQ Alliance Program also represents forward-thinking. Members of the aptiQ Alliance Program are chosen based on their committment to solving end user problems through highly secure, smart, open, offerings. In a world with ever-changing needs and technology, we will continue to build relationships that expand our customer's ability to use one credential that serves many purposes.
aptiQ Alliance Program Members:
Logical Access 
Provides multifactor authentication for cyber security through the use of their PowerLogOn enterprise password manager for Windows.

Long Range and Parking 
Provides long-range and high performance Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions for Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI).

Campus Solutions
Provides a full spectrum of customizable, modular products and services for campus solutions. 


ID Card Printing/Encoding/Management
Provides a fully integrated identity management solution that includes badge printing and enrollment, access control and visitor management.



Campus Solutions 
Provides campus card solutions that support aptiQ™ smart card technology for a wide variety of contactless activities ranging from access to vending, and from point-of-sale purchases to attendance tracking, and much more.



Badge Printing and Encoding
Provides a range of secure ID card printers for printing, encoding and issuing secure identification badges.

Asset Cabinets and Lockers 
Provides high security, electronically controlled cabinets and lockers to control and monitor valuable assets.



Provides solutions related to long range identification of vehicles and drivers, parking access, vehicle detection, and vehicle gate management.



Badge Printing and Encoding
Provides secure credential solutions for ID cards and passport/visa applications to meet the needs of companies, associations, governments and authorities.


Logical Access 
Provides a software tool to read encoded information from aptiQ™ smart cards into a computer using a USB reader, then export the information through virtually any possible computer output.


Biometrics - Iris 
Provides industry leading biometric iris identification solutions that supports aptiQ smart card technology for multi-factor authentication.



Mobile Biometrics
Provides mobile biometrics solutions that support aptiQ smart card technology for identification and secure access.


Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System
Provides advanced integrated solutions that encompass a wide range of access control and video surveillance solutions and a patent pending K-12 solution for emergency situations.


Time and Attendance 
Provides turnkey solutions and time clocks that support aptiQ smart card technology for time and attendance, workforce scheduling, HR management, payroll, etc.


Badge Printing and Encoding
Evolis designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of on-demand card printers that provide all the options needed for graphic, magnetic and RFID personalization of all types of cards.


Mobile Verification & Attendance
Provides mobile card reader for use with BYOD Apple® mobile devices that allows for the verification and collection of accurate data at any location.  Uses include mobile verification, attendance and mustering.




Contactless Biometric Credential
Provides contactless biometric credentials providing multi-factor authentication for aptiQ™ multi-technology readers.


Biometrics - Fingerprint 
Provides a stand-alone  time and attendance offering that supports a biometric fingerprint reader, keypad and aptiQ smart card technology for customers who require multi-factor authentication.



Rack Server Locks
Provides integrated electromechanical, network, and software components to create the premier security solution for racks and enclosures.
Point of Sale
Provides integrated Point-of-Sale, eCommerce, Mobile and Self-Service Kiosk solutions for quick service, fine dining, concession and general retail operations.  aptiQ supported for closed loop payment transactions.
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