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Matica Technologies, Inc.
About Matica Technologies, Inc.
Matica Technologies, Inc. is a worldwide provider of secure credential solutions with sales, marketing and support centers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. Through our global network of certified resellers, we have installed over 11,000 systems and can deliver state-of-the-art identity solutions to customers virtually anywhere in the world. We distinguish ourselves in the marketplace with our vast industry experience, project services, international operations, advanced technology and exemplary track record. In North America, we offer our reliable, cost-effective and modular EDIsecure® Professional Line, Business Line and Value Line ID Card Printers, with unique security features that can be added in the field. Additional solutions include our versatile desktop laser engraving module which can connect to our XID printers or work as a stand-alone solution, and our passport and visa printing solutions.
Now, partnered with Matica System, we can also offer high volume card personalization and mailing solutions for credit cards, gift and loyalty cards, insurance cards, membership cards and more. We also provide sales, service and support for the Matica line of metal plate embossing systems for raw material tags, product identification plates, dog tags and more. Our end users included colleges and universities, K12 school systems, hospitals, airports, state and federal agencies, city governments, and corporations of all shapes and sizes.
Products & Services:
• EDIsecure® XID 9300 ID Card Printer – Superior desktop retransfer printing system with options for single or dual side printing and lamination, encoding for a wide range of technologies - contact, aptiQ™ and other contactless smart cards, mag stripe, high res UV printing and more.
• EDIsecure® XID 8300 ID Card Printer – Entry level desktop retransfer printing system with the same options as the XID 9300, but for smaller volume applications.
• EDIsecure® DCP 360+ ID Card Printer – Industrial grade desktop direct dye-sublimation printing system with single or dual side color printing and lamination, contact, contactless and mag stripe encoding, and more.
• EDIsecure® LCP 9000 Laser Color Card Personalization System – All of the features of the XID 9300 printer and the ILM lamination module, plus inline laser engraving for advanced layers of anti-counterfeiting security features.
Vertical Markets:
• Education
• Transportation
• Government
• Corporation
• Financial
Use Applications:
• Employee & Visitor ID Badges
• Driver Licenses & Passports
• Government Benefits Cards
• Loyalty & Membership Cards
• Credit & Debit Cards
Contacts & Resources:
Digital Identification Solutions
111 Kiowa Lane
Piedmont, SC 29673 USA
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