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Mobile Security Solutions, Inc. (mobss)
About Mobile Security Solutions, Inc. (mobss)
mobss manufactures Apple®-based handheld readers & end-to-end software for mobile access control. Verify credentials, including aptiQ® smart cards, in any setting using our RFID, barcode and mag-stripe mobile readers. Devices ship with standard access control apps; such as check-in/check-out, event management and mustering. In addition, mobss solutions leverage current security infrastructure with turnkey, cloud or on-premise-based integration with enterprise security systems.
Products & Services
• OB-1 Handsets. Integrated card readers and Apple® devices. Ruggedized sets for perimeter and field use. These devices extend the PACS to any mobile situations and can operate with or without WIFI, cell signal or exterior power supplies.
• OB-A Sled. Self-contained card readers which can be linked to Apple mobile devices of the client’s choice. These devices are designed for internal use and offer a range of features and business applications triggered by a claim of identity
• mobss Server. Enterprise scale servers that can sit on premises or can be offered as a cloud service. This server provides fleet monitoring and control of handsets, licenses for all mobss apps and integration with PACS or other key databases. 
Vertical Markets
• Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemicals
• Financial Services, and General Office
• Technology
• Education
• Health Care
Use Applications
• Time & Attendance
• Field Verification of Personnel
• Logical Access Control
Contacts & Resources
Mobile Security Solutions, Inc.
1590D Rosecrans Ave, #253
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
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