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Sequoia Retail Systems, Inc.
About Sequoia Retail Systems, Inc.
Specializes in the development of integrated Point-of-Sale, eCommerce, Mobile and Self-Service Kiosk solutions for quick service, fine dining, concession and general retail operations.
Products & Services
Point-of-Sale Solutions
Sequoia’s comprehensive suite of applications can be used for quick service and fine dining, event concessions, convenience stores and retail outlets. With a strong emphasis on payment security, our applications facilitate the PCI compliant processing of credit card, bank debit, gift card and other closed loop payment transactions, including aptiQ® credentials.
Mobile Solutions
Sequoia’s suite of mobile applications extends the marketplace beyond the walls of traditional dining venues and retail stores.  Support of flexible hardware options including tablets and handheld devices enables real-time transaction processing from virtually anywhere.
Kiosk Solutions
Sequoia’s self-service kiosk applications provide 24x7 customer service without the need for additional staffing.  Streamline your operations and improve customer satisfaction by offering multiple services through our easy to use self-service kiosk products.
eCommerce Solutions
Sequoia’s eCommerce applications are an effective and efficient way to offer serve your customers around the clock.  Our eCommerce solutions can be personalized for your operations and enable you to sell items online through a secure and easy to use interface.
Vertical Markets:
• Education
• Retail
• Corporate
• Healthcare

Use Applications:
• Point-of-Sale
• Self-Service
• Attendance Tracking
Contacts & Resources:
1871 Landings Drive
Mountain View, CA 94043
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