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Heartland Campus Solutions
About Heartland Campus Solutions
The business end of campus operations is complex with a wide variety of challenges, such as student identification, financial aid disbursements, accepting payments and beyond. Heartland Campus Solutions offers a full spectrum of customizable, modular products and services.

Solutions include:
• Heartland OneCardTM – a campus identification card that also can serve as an FDIC-insured, stored-value card, this choose-how-you-use campus card has functionality that spans access, dining, vending, laundry, printing, time and attendance and more. Plus, it can be used with the Heartland Give Something Back program to increase charitable donations to your institution.
• Refund Management – streamlines the processing and handling of payroll distribution and financial aid refunds with Acceluraid®.
• Payments Processing – processes campus in-person and online transactions with a leader in payments security and technology.
• Mobile – allows students to manage their accounts on existing mobile devices, provides a mobile wallet and expand locations that accept the card by supplying a mobile application.
• Web – students can easily access their accounts through a web-based platform that is secure, configurable and cost-efficient.
• Partner and Integrated Solutions – expands your options to deliver the most comprehensive campus solutions available from one source.
A division of Heartland Payment Systems®, one of the largest payments processor in the country, Heartland Campus Solutions puts the power and resources of an industry-leading provider behind comprehensive customizable campus solutions.
Every campus is unique with its own specific needs. At Heartland Campus Solutions, we understand that and work to find the perfect combination of products and services to suit the client.

Products & Services
• Access Control through our Multi-door Controller with connected aptiQ reader.
• Vending through our Cashless Vend terminal with connected aptiQ reader
• All functions supported by our DCT3 terminal including access, laundry, financial debit, dining, meal plan, copy, time and attendance with a connected aptiQ reader.

Vertical Markets
• Education 
• Corporate
• Healthcare

Use Applications
• Time and Attendance
• Cashless Vending

Contacts & Resources
Heartland Campus Solutions
2115 Chapman Road
Suite 159
Chattanooga, TN 37421
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