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Access Smart, LLC
About Access Smart, LLC
Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Ladera Ranch, California, Access Smart, LLC (a certified CA Small Business) is a one-stop-shop offering a wide range of logical access products (software, licenses, cards and readers) to make cyber authentication and network access secure, easy and inexpensive. We are dedicated to empowering businesses, agencies and institutions to securely regain control over their computers and networks at the point of entry. Authentication, authorization and non-repudiation do not have to be cumbersome to be effective. That’s why our products are designed using state-of-the-art security technologies while focusing on ease-of-use and low-cost-of-ownership.
Previously, smartcard technology was only affordable to large government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Access Smart has turned that model upside down by utilizing existing infrastructures and matching the technology to the needs. For example: you can use existing badge technologies, you have no backend server modifications, there are no annual subscription fees, and all your licenses are transferable. Access Smart – The Alternative to PKI.
Products & Services
• Power LogOn Administrator
• Power LogOn Manager 
• Power LogOn Starter Kit
• Power LogOn Cards 
Vertical Markets
• Healthcare
• Government
• Corporate
• Law Enforcement
• Education
Use Applications
• Logical Access
Contacts & Resources
Access Smart, LLC
27762 Antonio Pkwy, L1-461
Ladera Ranch, CA 92564
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