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Mounting Hardware, Fasteners, etc.
How do I find out what screws come with an item?
A: Most Ives products now have a template posted on the Ives web site. These templates list the mounting hardware included with the item.
I was expecting to receive machine screws with an Ives product, e.g., the RL30 roller latch. The screws I received look like wood screws.
A: Many Ives products used primarily on commercial or light commercial openings are packaged with sheet metal screws. Sheet metal screws look a lot like wood screws and are often mistaken for wood screws. (In Customer Service, we first check the template to determine the mounting hardware supplied with an item. We sometimes find the sheet metal screws have been mistaken for wood screws.) Sheet metal screws can be used on wood or metal installations. However, we do not recommend the use of high-power screwdrivers with sheet metal screws, as the high torque can cause stripping.
I want to mount my Ives 8103 pulls back-to-back. I already have two standard pulls. Can I order just the "J Mount" mounting hardware package so I can mount these two pulls back-to-back?
A: No. For back-to-back mounting, you will need one standard pull and one pull especially prepped for the "J Mount" installation. Since you already have a standard pull, you can order a "SGL 8103 J Mount" pull in the desired finish. This will include the J-Mount pull and the J-Mount mounting hardware package.
I am going to mount some Ives pivots on wood doors and wood frames. Are wood screws supplied standard?
A: Pivots are supplied standard with machine screws for hollow metal door and frame installations, and wood screws for wood door installation, but we do need you to tell us when ordering when the pivots are going on wood frames so we can send the additional appropriate wood screws.
How-to-Order Information
I am not an authorized Ives account but I'd like to order Ives products. How do I go about ordering Ives products?
A. Our Sales Representatives in your area can assist you. They can direct you to an already-established distributor or retailer in your area. Or, if appropriate, they can meet with you to determine if your organization should apply to become an Ives dealer. Ives does not sell direct to end users or consumers.
I am an authorized Ives distributor and have one of your price lists. But I don't understand why certain products must be ordered in certain quantities. For example, when I recently ordered the 02-3107-505 Magnetic Door Knocker, I was told I had to order two of them.
A. Many of the Ives items designed for the residential markets have been pre-packaged in skin-wrapped or blister cards for retail use. The 02-3107-505 Magnetic Door Knocker is one such example. Ives has created pre-determined package and box quantities to make it easy to stock and display the units for sale.
Product Availability
What are the lead times for Ives product?
A. Authorized Ives distributors will find lead time information in the Appendix of their Ives Price List. For especially large quantities or products not listed, please contact Ives Customer Service Representative.
Can I get a product in a finish not listed in the catalog or price list?
A. Please check with Ives Customer Service. When feasible, we are pleased to accommodate requests for variations to existing products.
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