ENGAGE Gateway resources

Resources to help optimize installations using the ENGAGE Gateway to connect in real-time with our integrated PACS providers.

ENGAGE Gateway Site Planning Tools

New Construction

Existing Construction


ENGAGE Gateway Product Resources

ENGAGE Gateway Data Sheet

Gateway Installation Instructions and User Guide


ENGAGE Test Kit (TKE) Resources

The ENGAGE™ Test Kit (TKE) helps evaluate system design prior to installation of new ENGAGE wireless networked systems which utilize the ENGAGE GWE Gateway. The TKE can also be used to diagnose signal quality and signal strength in existing ENGAGE wireless applications.

ENGAGE Test Kit Data Sheet

ENGAGE Test Kit Quick Start Guide

ENGAGE Test Kit Installation Instructions

ENGAGE Site Survey Results Tracking Form


Technical Tips

Managing 2.4 GHz frequency

Direction Matters:  The orientation of the gateway antenna is important.  The antenna should have a vertical orientation to maximize performance. 

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