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2 I like all aspects, very clean and fresh! Also seems to be easier to navigate... No Change Completed
3 A few of the logos need better resolution. I'm sure that's just because its in the early stages. Also, would be better to have them spaced more in a list rather than having to click over for the next group not shown. EnhancementPending
4 looks like it will make it really difficult for customers when they ring in to navigate to any of the commercial electronics. people say now the allegion site is difficult to navigate this one looks worse EnhancementPending
5 Love the new layout. I hope that on the final version, Zero, Brio, and Advantage look much like the other pages. Additionally, under certain products, such as Ives and Steelcraft, the product guide bar only has one option to expand, and then you have a few options. To me, this is redundant. Get rid of "mechanical accessories" or "doors and frames" and move the other options such as "hinges and pivots" or "doors" as one of the primary options. I would also like to see on the "Alliances," page, I would remove the "software alliances", filter and move those other items out. I like the least amount of clicks necessary while still keeping it clean looking. Enhancement Pending
6 Under the Locators tab (upper right corner), the link to �sales offices� does not work. Locksmith works, but not �sales office�
7 Looking at the mobile site, images look like they being stretched. Also check capitalization throughout the heads. Some are sentences case and come are all words. FixCompleted
8 Inconsistencies of tool bar makes it hard to navigate. Current customers to not like the top tool bar for navigation of site as it is hard to navigate. EnhancementNo action
9 The pictures of hardware used in the banner across the top appears to have the hardware distorted like the picture was squished. Doesn't make the hardware look very good or represent what it really looks like. FixCompleted
10 Site looks great! I love the layout/design. Would it make sense to sort products by popularity? For example, when I clicked ""LCN"", I had to sort through multiple pages to find the. Also, should we separate Schlage and Schlage Electronics? I was surprised to see a "PS902 Power Supply" as the first item listed as Schlage. No Change Completed
11 Missing content - 90% of our product catalogs are missing. EnhancementPending
12 I like that the installation instructions, manuals and data sheets are all very accessible in one location (instead of searching thru multiple sites). Great job! No Change Completed
13 Checked out homepage, products, alliances and library so far. Amazing and the update was much needed! No Change Completed
14 Products>Schlage>Mechanical Locks:
Top item says "H Interconnected Lock" but it is B Series.
Products>Schlage>Mechanical Locks>ND Series>Downloads: should have two links for service manual - one for before Jan 2017, one for after Jan 2017 as on current site. Also there are no links to any of the three ND installation instructions.
15 Very good product images with informative and descriptive details, makes one want to learn more without feeling lost in too much detail. Thanks for the hard work. The new site looks great. No Change Completed
16 This is awesome. No Change Completed
17 I like the new design very intuitive No Change Completed
18 The mechanical locks never did load for me to use. Waiting to look something up won't work well for me.

The website does look great with easy access to sites I use quite often.
19 When I went to Schlage products and clicked on Electromagnetic Locks it just cycled and cycled (4 minutes +) and never showed me anything. I eventually gave up and closed the page. FixCompleted
20 I did a quick review of all sections of the website. Nice clean modern design. Still lacking a good product search feature where someone can type in a product number and get useful information back. One comment, there are places that headers are used in the text and they need to be distinguished from the copy. For example in K-12 | Lockdown: there are a series of paragraphs proceeded by a title/header. The header should be bold or something to distinguish it from the copy. Enhancement Working
21 What about CHDs? (contract hardware distributors). and i'm sure at some point in the near future the PBB team will want to see a link for GCs. EnhancementPending
22 When trying to access the new online courses (learning center) it told me to re-register. Upon the registration attempt it gave me an already in use.
23 Under the AIA registered courses title:
Both links you have are to outdated documents.

Under the Documents title:

I don't know who will be responsible for editing the Continuing Education page, but if it is me, I would prefer not to have to load documents that I didn't create - which is the "most popular" brochure.
If it isn't me that is going to edit it, why isn't it? I am the Continuing Education manager and am responsible for the materials you are advertising here.

The way you lay this out it looks like you are highlighting the AIA: Today�s Choices in Access Control course and it isn't clear that it is an online course until the last sentence. Either title it as such so it doesn't look like a highlighted course or leave it off since it is listed in the catalog.
Overall it appears there is a lot of repetitive information and a lot of scrolling for the viewer.
I know it is hard creating something new, so I hope this feedback is helpful.
24 Architect portion very word heavy, need quick landing to inspirational photos of our leading and newest offerings EnhancementPending
25 There are a few missing images FixCompleted
26 Rendering issues: Looks odd in certain browsers and smaller/larger screen sizes. FixCompleted
27 The new format is very esthetically pleasing. With An image attractive website, I feel we will have more traffic and for a longer period of time. It would be nice to see the Canadian Commercial website align with the new Allegion US site. No Change Completed
28 Very clean and simple to use. The search function under the document library seems to be pulling up all the relevant documents to a specific search and the filters make it easy to use. No Change Completed
29 9 product pages pending for Ives. EnhancementWorking
30 I really like the product views to get to catalogs of each manufacturer. looks nice. No Change Completed
31 Products>Schlage>Electronic Locks:
The LE product is listed twice. The second one has no photo and a different description paragraph.
Fix Completed
32 Tried drilling down to load an install guide and template for a product and it opened to dead link. Unable to find info. Enhancement Completed
33 Seems to be a refresh delay. If you click immediately in the search field you can not type any text. You must click a second time. If you wait a bit then a single click works. Fix Working
34 ND service manual is for locks prior to 1/31/17 we need to add the new ND service manual for after Jan 31

Enhancement Working
35 1) The sales office locator doesn't seem to be working.

2) Are we okay featuring a locksmith locator but not any of the places you can actually purchase our products?
Enhancement Working
36 The images are stretched and look odd.
When I click on anything, the screen greys and sits there...seemingly doing nothing. The spinning circle is centered in the total height of the page which is below the part visible on the screen, so it does not show that the page is doing anything. Customers will give up if this takes too long to load, especially if they cannot tell that the site is working on their request.
Fix Completed
37 On the library page, can we allow more than 1 checkbox to be selected? In other words, be able to select both "templates" and "instructions" for Von Duprin Working Post Launch
38 1690/1790 Series was labeled as Von Duprin on the main exits page (its not) when you click on it Falcon is shown which is correct. Fix Completed
39 We are missing door templates for the following series of Schlage Locks:
- F series
- J series
- B60/80/81 deadbolts
- BE series locks (specifically BE467)
- FE series (specifically FE410)
- missing some latch and strikes from Res offering.
These have been missing for a long time. I have many requests where CHDs need templates for these items on multifamily projects.
Enhancement Working
40 When I selected catalogs for all Brands only 7 results were shown. Seems to be missing a lot of information. Enhancement Working
41 Catalogs were hidden unless I selected "more" Enhancement No Change
42 Library is not easy to find literature. I selected "Schlage" and "Catalog" and I only got 1 result. Schlage has many more catalogs. Enhancement Working
43 I selected Mechanical locks and the screen went grey and never loaded. Fix Completed
44 I don't know if you have provided all the links yet, but I am having a good deal of difficulty in finding service manuals and installation instructions for LCN, Von Duprin and Schlage Mechanical. The search brings up non-related documents and the filters don't limit to the search. Enhancement Working
45 Make is easy and fast for architect to review products. Use more bullet points.
Under Specification List a work doc for the specification for that product. Locks, show all functions, don't make the architect hunt. Lock Trim, Show a black silhouette or simple line drawings of each lever trim for that series. MAKE IS EASY on the architect and designer. You need to add under Schlage residential products F, J and other related products that are used in Multi-Family. Architect have said they can't find any sheet when they go and look, don't make them drill down to Multi-Family and just get a bit o info. They need more info. Remember that the designers are making most of decisions when it comes to selection of the Lever design.
Make sure each product sears has a link to a Specification in WORD.

I have notices some link that are wrong, the wrong product comes up.
Enhancement Pending