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Accessibility that exceeds expectations 

The LCN 6400 Series COMPACT™ Automatic Operator.

It’s one thing to meet ADA requirements. It’s another to go above and beyond for accessibility. Now there’s a cost-effective way to offer accessible access at more openings. Introducing the LCN 6400 Series COMPACT™ automatic door operator, a first-of-its kind solution that automates mechanical door closers. With the wave of a hand, the COMPACT automatic operator opens doors then controls the closing speed. 

A simple solution to meet ADA requirements 


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Budget friendly

While traditional automatic operators come with a heavy price tag, the LCN COMPACT Series is a fraction of the cost so you can automate more openings. A more accessible building for a seamless experience. 

Interactive installation instructions

Easy installation

The motor gearbox mounts directly onto an LCN 4040XP mechanical closer with just four screws—no need to even take it off the door. 

LCN 4040XP

Reliable performance 

The COMPACT operator uses LCN’s durable 4040XP closer for optimal performance. Adjustments can be made to the standard mechanical closer regulation valves for maintenance standardization.

Automate more openings

Using an affordable automatic door operator,  accessible openings can be expanded to more interior doors.

Public restrooms

Patient waiting rooms

Suite entrances

Introducing the LCN COMPACT™ automatic operator

The LCN 6400 COMPACTTM Series low energy automatic operator is a simple and cost-effective solution that enables facilities to automate more openings for touchless access and accessibility. This solution features three core components for push and pull interior applications;  the motor gearbox assembly, a 4040XP mechanical closer, and wireless or hardwired touchless actuators. The modular design enables you to repurpose components you already have for retrofit applications. Existing 4040XP cylinders with REG or RwPA arms are compatible with the COMPACT operator. No drilling, removal, or modification to the door or mechanical closer is required.

6400 module kit

6400 Motor Gear Box Module
This module kit includes the motor gearbox, cover, door loop,
and wall plug-in power adapter.


4040XP Mechanical Closer  
For new openings, order the 6400XP kit which includes the 6400 module kit and the heavy-duty 4040XP closer.

touchless actuator kits

Touchless Actuators
Choose from the battery powered touchless actuator kit (6440-2210) or the hardwired touchless actuator kit (6440-3813W).

NOTE: For latching applications, additional items such as a power supply, relay board and latching hardware are needed and must be ordered separately.

Learn more about accessibility codes
and the COMPACT™ Series