HSPD-12 & FIPS 201-2


Homeland Security Presidential Directive – 12 is a policy for a common identification standard for federal employees and contractors.

What comes first: The cards or the readers? Schlage's FIPS 201-2 compliant multi-tech readers solve the HSPD-12 mandate. (OMB M-19-17 OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET WASHINGTON, D.C. May 21, 2019 MEMORANDUM FOR HEADS OF EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS AND AGENCIES) Allegion's solution can help your facility transition without disrupting day to day business.

Allegion delivers solutions by a nationwide distribution channel made up of Small Business, Veteran Owned, Service Disable Veteran Owned and Woman Owned Small Business practitioners that understand both the opportunities and challenges to protect people, facilities, assets and data within the government marketplace.




  • Electronic locks and readers
  • Key systems
  • Master keying
  • Deadbolts
  • Key
  • Fire-blanksrated doors and frames
  • Door closers


  • Exit devices
  • Door hardware
  • High security
  • Key machine
  • Locksmith tools
  • Security hardware

Industry designations

  • Certified Protection Professionals (CPP)
  • Physical Security Professionals (PSP)
  • Fire Door Assembly Inspectors (FDAI)
  • Certified Door Consultants (CDC)
  • Architectural Hardware Consultants (AHC)
  • Certified Systems Engineer ICAM PACS (CSEIP)


For more information on HSPD-12 follow this link


FIPS 201-2

The Federal Information Processing Standard 201-2 is a standard set by the United States Federal Government, that frames up the use of Personal Identity Verification (PIV) requirements for all federal agencies and federal contractors.

For FIPS-201-2 solutions that are mandated by the federal government to be open architecture and comply with the HSPD-12/FIPS201-2/PIV directive, look no further than Allegion.

Our open architecture electronic locks, the Schlage AD-402 (wireless) and AD-302 (hard wired), are available in a PIV capable configuration. Our exclusive FIPS201-2 capable WIRELESS Combination Lock and Reader is a unique and industry leading solution.

Any lock or reader intended for use in a Government facility that is required to meet the FIPS 201-2 standard must be part of an integrated Physical Access Control Software (PACS) providers’ compliant solution. Access control features and capabilities will vary by PACS providers' integration capabilities and should always be designed & installed by a company with a Certified Systems Engineer ICAM PACS on staff.

Follow this link to find a certified systems engineer

Learn more about our FIPS-compliant application options:

Schlage readers

Schlage Locks


GSA Scheduled Contracts

  • 84 Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response
  • 70 – IT Schedule


More Information

Follow this link for the 800-116 PACS guide for the use of PIV credential and facility management

Consulting Services

Individuals listed on the following link can provide design and implementation services FICAM CSEIP