Building Types 

Retail Stores
Inside and outside mall developers, architects, tenants and management groups all have diverse door hardware, key management, access control and security needs that can be coordinated through Allegion products and specifications. Our National Accounts Retail Team works with all stakeholders, as well as our distribution and security providers, to identify and provide the best solutions for new construction, remodeling, maintenance and loss prevention projects.
Whether formal or casual dining, Fast Food, hospitality, airport, or stand-alone – all restaurant design types require the proper combination of door hardware and security products that address the building’s and brand’s aesthetics, function and security needs. Allegion provides design, specification, code and security consultation services to help determine the best Allegion products for each National Accounts client and their individual needs.
Stand Alone Buildings
Stand Alone buildings, by their size and design, have many unique opening types with diverse code, function and security requirements. Employee entrances, emergency exits, receiving areas and stock rooms all have different door and hardware products, and access and security controls.  They also have different durability, use and aesthetic considerations.   These different requirements and considerations work best when coordinated into a unified master specification and building standard document.
Retail Health
Retail Health facilities often have blended building and occupancy codes that need to be met based on their location and type of structure, along with specific opening type and security requirements for clinic / patient rooms, private areas, medical staff, pharmacy rooms, and egress doors.
Warehousing, distribution, cross dock, regional hub and logistics facilities all have similar door, hardware and security requirements, but that need to be uniquely specified and coordinated by building type, purpose and function. Access to shipping / receiving areas, independent trucker doors, secured stock areas, alarms and notifications all must be considered when writing a master door, hardware and security specification.
Data Centers
Data Center and Server Farm facilities have unique door opening requirements that include additional physical and monitored access control throughout the building. Networked solutions tied into new or existing security systems need to provide complete openings that meet all building, code, use and certification requirements.
Mixed Use
Mixed use facilities require coordinated door hardware and access control solutions that work on multiple operating systems, and meet the aesthetic, functional and security demands of retailers, tenants, occupants and property management companies. Master specification and design documents, along with Allegion National Account consultative services, deliver superior mixed use facility solutions.