Marketing bulletin

Brand/Product: Schlage

Date: October 8, 2019

Contact: Customer Care, 877-671-7011

Schlage 8600 DESFire EV1 Key Fob Series Discontinued, EV2 Launch Delayed

In an effort for continuous improvement and providing a better user experience Schlage is discontinuing the 8600 DESFire EV1 key fob series, which includes the 8620, 8640 and 8680 offering, effective immediately.

Alternative Solutions:

Until a long term DESFire Key Fob solution is introduced Schlage would like to offer these as alternative solutions. These alternatives can support “no-tour” functionality provided by Allegion.

Current Offering

DESFire EV1 Key fob (Discontinued)

Alternative #1

DESFire EV1 ISO Card

Alternative #2

MIFARE Plus key fob

Alternative #3

MIFARE Classic key fob

8620 8520 5652T 9651 / 9651T
8640 8540 5652T (only 2k byte) 9651 / 9651T (only 2k byte)
8680 8580 5652T (only 2k byte) 9651 / 9651T (only 2k byte)


Alternative #1: If the same level of security and encryption along with more than 2K byte of memory is required Schlage recommends alternative #1, a MIFARE DESFire EV1 ISO card credential.

Alternative #2: If the key fob form factor is required the 5652T MIFARE Plus thin key fob provides the same level of security as the DESFire EV1 solution with 128 AES encryption in the thin key fob form factor and 2K byte of memory.

Alternative #3: If the key fob form factor is required but price and read range is a concern the 9651 key fob or 9651T thin key fob can be provided with 3DES encryption with 1K byte of memory.

Schlage DESFire EV2 Update

Due to production delays, the launch of DESFire EV2 credentials from Schlage have been delayed from its originally planned release. New timing will be communicated as updates become available. In the interim, Schlage still offers the MIFARE DESFire EV1 and MIFARE Plus technology as alternative solutions.

Questions or concerns?

For any other questions or concerns, please contact your local Allegion sales office or Customer Care at 877-671-7011.